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DIY Bait runner bearings install.

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My trusted 6010 Areos where in need of a bit of a service and tune up.

With having them for nearly 17 years they were getting a bit worn in the handle area, so out with the old and in with the new so to say main drive cog bearings.

The mini bearings can be sourced from most bearing suppliers, just measure up the shaft and housing for the correct size as the old plastic bearing would of been worn down a little and the thickness of the original plastic bearing also.

Pretty easy to do, just take your time and lay the parts out in order in which they came off.



Anyway hear we go DIY bearing removal/ install.


1: Remove handle.



2: Remove handle side bait runner lever


3: Remove side cover screws


4: Remove side cover to expose old bearing[Grey plastic insert]


5: Insert new 304 stainless steel bearing


6: Remove bait runner engage assembly, one screw, note where the Assembly mounts on to reel in two places.


7: Remove main drive cog, and install new bearing, if the bearing dos,nt come out on the shaft, a small screwdriver will do the job of extracting it from the far-side casing.

Install new 304 stainless steel bearing on to drive cog shaft.


To re-assemble in reverse order making sure that the cog is meshed in correctly to the upper spool drive sprocket.

Re-pack with new grease.

Followed by the bait runner assembly, side cover plate, bait runner lever and finally the handle.


Happy silky smooth reel.


Tight lines



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