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Hi. Ive just moved to Highton (Geelong) in Victoria and was just wondering about any local lakes containing carp or any fish really. Ive found a small lake and caught 2- 4lb Mirror carp (they fought really hard) but its near a lot of houses and dog walkers and am a bit concerned some 1 sees me returning the fish. I live almost on the Barwon river but not tried that yet. Cheers for any info Pez.

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Welcome to the site mate, there are some huge lakes a outside Geelong near the M1 Princes hwy towards Colac, most if not all of these lakes contain carp (lake Colac, lake modewarre, etc). The size and numbers of carp in these places is hard to confirm due to lack of anglers trying to catch them but considering the size of these lakes its hard to believe there are not some large fish waiting to be caught.

I have fished lake Modewarre with a friend about 7 years ago after talking to a tackle shop owner who thought we were strange wanting to catch carp, he showed us a recent at the time photo of an Aussie guy holding a very large carp (from memory around 40lbs) caught from this lake and upon his advice we fished it a couple times. I had a few runs but lost them all mainly due to under strength tackle purchased from K Mart, my friend managed to land a couple, the first of which was a low 20 and the other about 12lb, we also saw some large fish topping and cruising which left us with no doubt that some large fish are there.

I have heard rumours that Modewarre has since all but dried out in the drought but i cannot confirm this. Well worth a trip to these lakes to have a look around as im sure there are uncaught lumps to be caught.

Apparently the Barwon river also has plenty of carp present including some large fish so also worth a go.

Good luck.

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Hovells Creek in Lara has some good carp to around 14lb. Fish with corn and maggots for bait using coarse fishing methods.


Here are some pics:



Better then average carp:



Nice capture Tom.

I used to fish Hovells at the mouth near the grammar school in summer for large flatties[early 90,s]

Never even thought it had carp in the upper stretches.

Probally a nice spot in the warmer months for a bit of stalking and tempting them with surface baits, crust, dog/cat bickies,twistys[cheese flavor].

A very exciting way of fishing.





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