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my first trip to wisconsin

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Wow im so in love with Wisconsin, the place is awesome, im back in the England and i hate it, two years time my wife to be and myself are going to move to Le Crosse. My other half is American. Your sport shops are out of this world i visited a bass pro shop in Illinios and Cabelas in Prairie du chien, i bought a number of lures and two mad bomber hats.

I have never seen so much water i was lost in paradise, i long to get my lines in those rivers and lakes, i must have a crack at muskies they look awesome.

I spoke to a number of local fishermen living in Fountain city they thought i was living on another planet when i talked about carp fishing , still i can teach them the beauty of carp and their power.

When i do move there i shall bring my own rods because i was getting some strange looks when i asked at the sports shops about 12" rods, mind you i had a strange look when i said rod.

I also look forward to making new freinds. May be i could meet up with a carp.com member who could put me in right areas to fish for carp, we will be back in the summer of 2007 for a vacation

Boy i wish i was back there.

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Hi BarbelDave, I told you you'd like it didn't I?


Maybe next time you come over, you could help me catch one of the bigger fish? I've been stalking a small pod of 50's for the past 3 months, one fish is much bigger... looks like an upturned boat! :shock:


As you say, the only problem with Fishing Heaven (otherwise known as Wisconsin) is that there's so much water that it's hard to know where to start. And you only saw the La Crosse area; wait until you see Lake Michigan! :shock:

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I did see Michigan at Kenosha and Chicago, went up John Hancock centre that was awesome. The following weekend we went to Duluth on lake superior that too was awesome in total we did 3000 miles in two weeks

We also did a number of lakes one that sticks out in my mind is lake st crouix i may have spelt it wrong but that too was awesome

I just wish i was there it hurts been away from your beautiful country

God bless America

All the best David

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Hi Dave, yeah that Lake Superior is something else isn't it? They don't build them much bigger than that. I went to college in Duluth for 4 years, and it is a great town. Hunting and fishing within minutes. I live in South Dakota now, and I have always missed that area. Wisconsin is a beatiful state also, and yes those muskies are fun. Lee lives on the other side of the state from you, but I'll bet you 2 will get together. You should be able to catch some huge carp in the Mississippi river there in LaCrosse. That area also has some monster pike in the backwater areas. Wait until someone drags you out ice-fishing, that will blow your mind!!! 8):lol:

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