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Carp fishing in Canberra

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I will be in Canberra for 3 weeks on business, and was hoping to do some fishing in the urban lakes (I won't have a car). A few questions:


(1) Do I need a fishing license? What regulations are there?

(2) Where is best? What bait?

(3) Where can I get a carp rod in Canberra?


Thanks for any advice/help!




A. Gregory

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hi re your trip,you should enquire at any fishing shop whereyou can obtain a modest telescopic rod suitable for a 5kg line hooks size 8.then buy 2 tins of sweetcorn.then go down to the lake &catch carp .fishings fun you dont need much to enjoy it.good luck macbilly

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1. You do not require a fishing license. The regs are virtually identical to the NSW regs.

ACT fishing regs are available here:



2. Carp are in all waterways, except Yerrabi pond. The molonglo river before it flows into Lake Burley Griffin is easily accessible and contains good fish. And toilets. And parking. And not too many loonies.

It would be easier to advise if I knew where you would be staying. Waterways containing fish are in easy walking distance (or cycling) from pretty much everywhere. Alternatively a green stumpjumper with the trebles removed and a single #2 gamakatsu lure on the rear will get you redfin.


Corn (especially corn soaked in Scopex) will get you fish. Scopex is not available in the ACT. Scrubworms are also a good bet.


****DANGER**** All ACT waterways currently have an outbreak of blue green algae. Carrying a small bottle of hand disinfect (Dettol gel)is strongly recommended.


3. You are joking, right?

You can get a blackfish rod from any of the local tackle shops which has acceptable feel and action.. Carp specific gear doesn't exist, apart from a few wagglers and maybe some split shot. You have 3 options: bring it with you, import it, improvise.




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Thanks to you both!


I spent the day fishing in the East Basin of Burley Griffin (3 blocks from my rental apartment) and caught two nice fish- 4 kg and 5 kg I would guess. Used sweetcorn, a 5-8 kg line, 10' telescopic rod bought here, and a set of self-imported tackle (Okuma Avenger bait-feeder, all terminal tackle, bank sticks, bite alarm) which I got through customs with no problem. Also bought a long-handled boat net with good mesh here - definitely needed! Used a simple bolt rig, with a 6 hook - I got a lot of single beeps - small fish maybe? Liners?


The fish were beautiful - nice healthy mirrors with a silvery sheen - even if not too large.


I am looking forward to next weekend!


I suppose I could catch a lot more fish, but I cannot complain when it's new water in a different country... I will post some pictures if they came out (cell-phone camera).


Thanks again,


Arofan Gregory

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The east basin is the shallowest average part of the lake. Recent development work along the Kingston foreshore has pretty much killed the weedbeds. The next two weeks should see a migration of fish back to the shallower areas as lake levels temps decline.


If you are fond of walking, you cannot go wrong in the area where the Molonglo enters the lake (river part, not lake part)


There is a depth map on www.nationalcapital.gov.au that shows depths and also the course of the Molonglo river, though it is a little hard to find. Its in PDF format, if I could... heh.. found my bookmark....



Edges of weed beds are the places, and expect free pain if Westerly's blow in. Link to weather station on www.canberrayachtclub.com.au


http://www.mrspokes.com.au/ Hire a bike, quick way around the lake.


http://stumpjumper.com.au/catalogue1.html #27 will get you more redfin than you would believe. Remove trebles, add a single or dual opposing gamakatsu #2 lure hooks on the rear and wander the banks.


Be away this weekend, but if you want to hit some unreal spots send me a PM.

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