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Cygnet Tackle

Cygnet Tackle
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Cygnet Tackle was set up in 1993 by Nick Nolan, and the brand has firmly carved out its position in the fishing market.

This has resulted in Cygnet rod pods, bank sticks, storm poles, and other must-have products. Most Cygnet products have a distinctive black matt finish manufactured from aluminium, which makes them very lightweight. This gives Cygnet Tackle an upmarket look for discerning carp anglers. Anglers love the new Cygnet catapults due to their ability to deliver bait accurately. Cygnet’s Baiting Spoons also provide pinpoint accuracy to put bait perfectly in your swim.

The price of Cygnet products is very competitive. Therefore, it is a sought-after brand in the lower and middle fishing tackle market. The latest product information is available on the Cygnet website, which has links to YouTube videos and discusses their entire range of tackle items.

Being a division of Trakker Products, this is a quality brand run by people that know how to design fishing tackle.