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Float fishing is more than just a technique; it's an art form that has evolved to meet the diverse needs of anglers across the UK. Whether you're fishing on the tranquil banks of a British river or a busy commercial carp water, choosing the right float is crucial. Explore our extensive selection of floats designed by top brands like Drennan, Guru, Preston, and Matrix, each crafted to enhance your fishing experience.

Our range includes specialized floats for both match and coarse fishing, tailored to suit various venues, target species, and conditions

Selecting the right float involves considering several factors:

  • Venue: The type of water body you're fishing in.
  • Species: Target specific species with floats designed for the task.
  • Conditions: Water depth, flow, and clarity can dictate the best float type.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Floats

  • What do the numbers on a fishing float mean?

    • The numbers on a float typically represent its weight capacity or shotting capacity, which helps anglers properly balance their rigs according to the float's buoyancy.
  • How do I choose the right fishing float?

    • Consider the fishing environment, target species, and specific conditions like water flow and depth. Different float types are optimized for various scenarios, such as calm waters or fast-moving rivers.
  • Who makes the best fishing floats?

    • Leading brands like Drennan, Middy, Guru, Preston, and Matrix are renowned for their high-quality floats, offering a range of products designed for precision and durability.
  • Can I use any float for all types of fishing?

    • No, floats are specialized. For example, wagglers are generally used for still water, while stick floats are better for flowing water. Choose a float that matches your specific fishing needs.