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Sonik Sports was founded in Coniston Court, Blyth, in 2008. The company has come from nowhere, first producing fishing rods and reels, followed by luggage, to become known as one of the UK's leading brands in carp fishing.

The organisation's main product area is fishing rods, and the company is constantly expanding, extending into general coarse designs, operating at the lower and middle end of the market

Sonik Sports have tried to lead the way by bringing out top-end rods that use new-age carbon fibres. These materials make the rods slimmer and lighter.

The Sonik ethos is a dynamic company that thinks out of the box in creating fishing tackle. Unfortunately, many manufacturers in fishing tackle development are less modern and motivated, taking many years to develop and grow their brand.

Over the last few years, Sonik has prioritised becoming a leading carp tackle brand, focusing on competitive fishing rods, reels and luggage. However, Sonik hasn’t neglected sea fishing, producing great beach casters for years. As a result, the company now has an entire stable of products for carp and sea anglers.

Sonik is run by experienced anglers who strive to design fishing tackle to catch you more fish. They also tailor the prices of their products to be affordable to the average person while maintaining quality and performance.