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Vass Fishing: Innovating the Angling World for Over Four Decades


Founded in Milton Keynes, Vass Fishing has evolved over 40 years from its origins in the workwear sector to become a leader in fishing gear, setting benchmarks for quality and innovation. Known for its robust fishing boots, versatile waders, and premium angling attire, Vass ensures every angler is well-equipped for the challenges and joys of the great outdoors.

Pioneering In-House Product Development

Vass's commitment to excellence is evident in its meticulous product development process. Every product is rigorously sampled and tested in-house at their state-of-the-art headquarters, ensuring high standards and reducing lead times. This control over production guarantees that each item meets the evolving needs of modern anglers.

Leading the Way in Wader Innovation

Vass has become an industry leader in fishing waders over the last decade. Innovations such as steel toe caps in select models and uniquely designed boot soles for unrivaled grip highlight their commitment to safety and durability, providing anglers with a reliable foundation on any terrain.

The Signature Yellow Vass Logo: A Mark of Quality

From thigh to chest waders, Vass offers a range of products that accommodate various budgets without compromising quality. The iconic yellow Vass logo has become synonymous with excellence, particularly in carp fishing circles, proudly worn by anglers worldwide.

New Additions to the Vass Product Family

  • Vass Hybrid 'Thermo' Fishing Boot: Designed for colder months, this boot combines warmth, a lightweight design, and a mega chunky grippy sole. Features like its quick-release flap and performance in temperatures as low as -64°C set new standards in winter fishing gear.
  • Vass' All-Season Fishing Boot: An evolution of the popular fleece-lined boot, this new model offers quick-release straps and half-way waterproofing, ensuring comfort and protection across various weather conditions.
  • Vass Dry Fishing Ruck Sack 'Edition 3': Arguably the most robust and waterproof rucksack available today, blending durability with practicality for adventurous anglers.

Versatility in All Climates: Vass Waterproof Jackets

Expanding beyond footwear, Vass's waterproof jackets and lightweight smocks use the latest breathable fabrics to provide unparalleled performance in all weather conditions, ensuring comfort and protection for any fishing scenario.

Vass Fishing: A Commitment to the Angling Community

Vass's journey reflects more than just product innovation; it's about fostering a community. Their continuous innovation is driven by a deep understanding of anglers' needs and a commitment to enhancing the fishing experience, making Vass gear a trusted companion from tranquil lakes to challenging seas.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Vass Fishing’s legacy is built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and a deep connection with the angling community. As they continue to innovate and set new standards, their dedication to the art of fishing remains steadfast. Explore the Vass range and join a community where fishing is celebrated as a way of life.

Vass Fishing: Essential FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Vass Fishing

What are some of the key products offered by Vass Fishing? Vass Fishing is renowned for its robust fishing boots, versatile waders, and the Vass Hybrid 'Thermo' Fishing Boot, designed for extreme cold. Their product range also includes the highly durable Vass Dry Fishing Ruck Sack 'Edition 3'.

How does Vass Fishing incorporate innovation into its products? Vass Fishing integrates cutting-edge technology and materials in its products, from steel toe-capped waders for enhanced safety to advanced weatherproof materials in jackets and smocks for superior performance in all conditions.

What sets Vass Fishing apart in the angling community? Vass Fishing is distinguished by its commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding the needs of anglers, ensuring each product offers reliability and functionality in diverse angling environments.