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Korda has become the undisputed best-known tackle company in Europe for carp fishing since it was started in Essex in 1993. Korda Tackle dominates the market via its Media Programs on Sky TV, Facebook and Social Platforms. They provide feature-rich content about everything you will want to know about carp fishing, presented by top celebrity anglers from around the globe.

Team Korda comprises celebrity anglers who can catch notable fish anywhere and communicate extremely well with the public on the subject. The company is owned and run by its Founder Danny Fairbrass, alongside Managing Director Damian Clarke.

The difference with Korda compared to most tackle companies is the Korda Fishing Team are encouraged to go fishing instead of being in the office. In addition, the team heavily tests all Korda products before going on the market. To summarise, Korda TV lets you see the products being set up and in action.

Korda is unique. After all, they have become the undisputed champions in the digital market and TV production for anglers because they are a media-lead company.

In the early days of Carp Fishing, Korda was the first to do underwater video footage of carp picking up fishing baits. That set the bar for companies to show their products and allowed anglers to see what carp do underwater. TV programs include Thinking Tackle in 2006 on Sky Discovery, along with videos of the trials and tribulations of the Korda Team as they fish all over the world. The rest is history, and they are now on series ten!

Thinking Tackle has become a Korda motto for the brand used for their popular tackle magazine. With the Korda Team spending most of their time on the bank using their products, product testing and development is at the company's heart. The trial and tribulations of the anglers are recorded on TV and spread across their various social media platforms, explaining exactly how to use the fishing equipment. Korda has moved on in recent years, making fishing luggage, clothing and a wide range of accessory items.

Other items include Korda tackle boxes, fishing hooks, lines, leaders, and hook-length materials, to name just a few of their successful accessories. Other popular products include Korda Goo, an additive added to pop-ups and a favourite with carp anglers.

Danny Fairbrass started the company at his home, then made a £1,000 profit from a fishing show, and the rest is history. If you fast forward from when the company was established, Korda is today a brand loved by anglers around the globe.

Korda Tackle has also been at the forefront via TV and the Korda Carp Academy, encouraging kids to fish and showing them best practices in angling. 

The Korda spirit in product creation and interesting TV coverage has been the driving force in developing the brand, year after year, giving viewers much enjoyment in watching the exploits of the Korda Team. stocks the full range of Korda Tackle, so it doesn’t matter if it's fishing accessories or top-end products. You will find it all on