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Solar Tackle: Revolutionizing Carp Fishing with Unmatched Innovation

Elevating Angling Experience through Advanced Gear and Sustainability

Since its inception in 1987 in Dartford, Solar Tackle has been a pioneer in carp fishing gear, setting new standards in quality and innovation. By blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Solar Tackle provides a diverse product range that meets the evolving needs of today's anglers.

A Deep Dive into Solar Tackle's Exceptional Product Range

Bivvies & Shelters: Renowned for their durability and ease of setup, Solar Tackle's bivvies and shelters offer comfort and resilience, adapting seamlessly to various fishing environments.

Chairs & Bedchairs: Designed with the angler's comfort in mind, these products feature ergonomic designs and durable construction, ideal for extended fishing sessions.

BlackLite Aluminium and Pro-Loc Bankware Ranges: These ranges exemplify Solar Tackle's commitment to innovation, offering lightweight yet robust bankware tailored for the modern angler.

P1 Pods & Accessories: The flagship P1 Pods are celebrated for their versatility and stability, making them adaptable to a wide range of fishing scenarios.

Luggage Solutions: From the Undercover Camo and Green Luggage to SP Luggage & Bags and SP Rod Sleeves, Solar Tackle's luggage solutions are designed for both functionality and style, ensuring that gear is protected and easily transportable.

Fishing Lines: Including lines like the Uni Line, Bullet Proof, Mile High, and Spod/Marker braid, engineered for superior performance, these products offer strength and discretion under water.

Accessories and Fish Care Products: Focused on sustainability, these products cater to the responsible angler, aiming to minimize environmental impact.

Solar Tackle's Commitment to the Community and Environment

Solar Tackle extends its innovation beyond products, actively promoting sustainable fishing practices and supporting local manufacturing. Their commitment to environmental initiatives and community involvement has positioned them as a leader in responsible angling.

Forging Ahead: Solar Tackle's Vision for 2024 and Beyond

Looking towards 2024, Solar Tackle remains dedicated to leading the carp fishing industry with continuous innovation. Their steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and enhancing the angler's experience ensures that Solar Tackle will continue to shape the future of carp fishing.


Join the journey with Solar Tackle, where tradition meets innovation, and every product is crafted to enhance the carp fishing experience. With Solar Tackle, anglers are equipped not just with gear, but with a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Solar Tackle: Essential FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Tackle

What are some key products offered by Solar Tackle? Solar Tackle is known for its innovative carp fishing gear, including durable bivvies and shelters, ergonomic chairs and bedchairs, lightweight BlackLite Aluminium and Pro-Loc Bankware, versatile P1 Pods, and robust luggage solutions.

How does Solar Tackle contribute to sustainability? Solar Tackle emphasizes sustainability through eco-friendly manufacturing practices and products designed to minimize environmental impact, reinforcing their commitment to responsible angling.

What can anglers expect from Solar Tackle in the future? Looking ahead to 2024, Solar Tackle plans to continue its tradition of innovation, focusing on advancing carp fishing technology while maintaining sustainability.

These FAQs provide a brief overview of Solar Tackle's product offerings, their sustainability efforts, and future outlook in the fishing industry.