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Mitchell Fishing Tackle: A Legacy of Innovation in the Heart of Fishing

Introduction: In the French Alps, Mitchell Fishing Tackle has long stood as a beacon of innovation and quality in the angling world. Since its inception in 1939, Mitchell has not only crafted premium fishing tackle but also set new trends in the industry.

The Revolution of Mitchell Reels: Pioneering Since 1939

Mitchell 300 Series: A Legacy Reimagined The legendary Mitchell 300 reel, a hallmark of innovation, set a precedent in reel design and functionality. In 2023, this spirit of innovation continues with the Mitchell 300-C, a reel celebrated for its smooth operation and robust construction, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

2023 Range: A Fusion of Tradition and Technology

  • Mitchell 308 PRO Spinning Reel: Noted for its enhanced performance, this reel is a testament to Mitchell's commitment to advancing fishing technology.
  • Mitchell MX1 and MX3 Spinning Reels: These models epitomize Mitchell's dedication to lightweight design and durability, catering to diverse angling needs.
  • Mitchell Full Runner MX8 9000 Baitrunner Reel: Designed for versatility, this reel addresses various fishing scenarios with its high-speed retrieval and large line capacity.
  • Mitchell 498 Spinning Reel: A versatile option for fresh and saltwater, this reel underscores Mitchell's pursuit of strength and durability in challenging conditions.

Mitchell's Ethos: Sustainability and Community Engagement

A Commitment to the Environment Mitchell's dedication to sustainable practices and environmental conservation is deeply ingrained in their operations. By promoting responsible fishing, they contribute positively to aquatic ecosystems.

Empowering Anglers through Knowledge As a hub of expert tips and insights, Mitchell's educational initiatives enable anglers to refine their skills and embrace sustainable practices.

Looking Ahead: Mitchell's Vision for 2024 and Beyond

Innovative Horizons With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, Mitchell is poised to introduce groundbreaking products that will continue to shape the future of fishing.