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Spomb was started in 2008 by Brian Houghton. The company produced one product: the ‘Spomb’ bait dispenser. Spomb, the organisation, had invented and patented an effective and unique bait dropper device that sold over a million units.

The Spomb comes in small, medium and large sizes. Carp anglers can cast the baiting device using suitable rods for long distances. Anglers can now pre-bait swims with many types of bait using this innovative equipment, which releases its contents as it hits the water. The device has led to carp anglers catching lots more fish and has become a must-have product.

The founders of Spomb realised when they created their product that to be successful in carp fishing, anglers needed to place free offerings around their hook bait accurately. So the Spomb did just that, quickly and efficiently.

The Spomb rocket changed the tackle industry forever concerning bait delivery systems. The founders initially took the product to several big manufacturers but declined to take on the project. However, they must all be kicking themselves now because the brand leads the market.

The introduction of the Spomb rods, braid, and floats has been a natural progression, being significant further advancements into products that aid anglers to cast further distances with increased accuracy.