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About Okuma Tackle: Pioneering the Future of Fishing Since 1986

Embracing Excellence in Angling Equipment Founded in 1986, Okuma Fishing Tackle, based in Taiwan, represents a legacy of innovative, precision-engineered fishing equipment. Our range, ideal for freshwater and saltwater anglers, elevates the fishing experience with its lightweight and precise design.

Innovative Product Range Discover our top-performing products:

  • Inspira ISX Spinning Reels: Merging cutting-edge technology with practicality.
  • ITX-CB Carbon Body Reels: The epitome of strength and elegance.
  • Ceymar A Spinning Reels: Outstanding performance at great value.
  • Latest Innovations: 2023 brings new heights with our Flite Surf Spinning Reel and X-Troll Salmon Trolling Rods.

Commitment to Sustainability and Community Engagement Our ethos extends beyond fishing gear; we are dedicated to environmental stewardship and active involvement in community initiatives.

Quality and Service Excellence Renowned for exceptional customer service, Okuma is a beacon of quality and reliability in the fishing community.

Leading the Fishing Industry, We are recognized for our expertise and understanding of anglers' needs, continuously innovating to meet the evolving demands of the fishing world.

Originality and Insight Our content offers unique insights into the Okuma brand and the fishing industry, emphasizing our commitment to originality.

Preparing for 2024: A Vision Forward Looking towards 2024, Okuma Tackle is excited to introduce innovations and strengthen our dedication to sustainable practices. Join us as we embark on this journey, continuing to blend passion and precision in our fishing gear.

Okuma Tackle - Your Partner in Every Fishing Adventure.