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Fox Family's Vision

Fox International, a pillar in the fishing tackle industry, was conceived by the visionary Cliff Fox and his family, Elsie and Mac Fox. Founded in 1967 as Fox Angling in a small London workshop, the legacy of the Fox family has been deeply embedded in every product and innovation, showcasing a journey fueled by passion and dedication.

The Evolution of Fox International

From its origins as Fox Angling, Fox International has expanded under the Fox family's guidance into a global leader in fishing tackle. Their pioneering spirit has been instrumental in shaping the industry, continuously setting new standards in fishing gear and technology.

Core Values Instilled by the Fox Family

The Fox family instilled core values of passion, quality, and innovation into Fox International's DNA. These principles have steered the brand in consistently producing top-tier fishing tackle and gear.

Diverse Product Range: Meeting the Needs of Anglers Worldwide

Fox International offers an extensive product lineup that reflects the Fox family’s dedication to catering to every angler's needs. With over 3,000 items ranging from traditional to modern fishing gear, there is something for everyone.

Commitment to Innovation

Rooted in the family ethos, innovation remains at the forefront of Fox International's mission. This commitment ensures that anglers have access to the most advanced and effective fishing technology.

Sustainability: A Core Aspect of the Fox Philosophy

Fox International upholds the Fox family’s dedication to environmental stewardship, emphasizing sustainable fishing practices and the conservation of natural water habitats.

Expanding the Legacy: Beyond Fox Angling

The influence of the Fox family extends through Fox International’s growth, including its alliance with Rather Outdoors. The range now includes brands like Fox Carp, Fox Rage, Matrix, and Silmo Lures, each reflecting the enduring Fox legacy.

Looking Ahead to 2024 and Beyond

As Fox International, originally Fox Angling, moves towards 2024, the company remains committed to the Fox family’s original vision, promising ongoing innovation and excellence in the angling world.

Conclusion: A Legacy Beyond Fishing Tackle

Fox International, evolving from Fox Angling, is more than just a brand; it represents the enduring vision and commitment of the Fox family to the fishing community. It invites anglers globally to partake in a rich history that continues to shape the future of fishing.

Fox International: Key FAQs on Legacy and Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions about Fox International

What is the history of Fox International? Founded in 1967 as Fox Angling by Cliff Fox and his family in London, Fox International has evolved from a small workshop into a global leader in fishing tackle, driven by a commitment to innovation and quality.

What are the core values of Fox International? The core values set by the Fox family are passion, quality, and innovation. These values continue to guide the production of high-quality fishing tackle and gear at Fox International.

How does Fox International contribute to sustainability? Fox International is committed to sustainable fishing practices and environmental conservation, ensuring that their operations help preserve natural water habitats.

What does the future hold for Fox International? Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Fox International remains dedicated to its legacy of innovation and quality, continually adapting and expanding its product offerings to meet the needs of anglers worldwide.