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Mainline Baits was set up in Thurrock in Essex in 1990 and has dominated the carp bait market ever since. Over the last thirty years, young and old anglers have been using Mainline Baits as their favourite choice to land more carp.

The company is known to produce bait using the best human-grade ingredients. This ethos has created some of the most famous carp baits in angling history by adding unique flavours. But the main advantage is the product’s quality. With mainline, you are feeding fish the best food they are ever likely to get!

Selecting any carp bait helps if you know others who have successfully used the same product. The in-house team at Mainline ensures this is the case and continues evolving with the times.

The company aims to land you more fish; that's their simple message. This is done with bait that not only puts fish on the bank but also helps them to thrive due to its high nutritional value. Another advantage is that even fish caught before cannot resist Mainline products.

The Mainline team focuses on creating baits that give anglers strong confidence and, at the same time, food that fish can’t resist. As a result, they are keeping thousands of anglers in the United Kingdom and Europe catching carp regularly, week in, week out.

Creation at Mainline takes years before new baits are released onto the market. Much time goes into perfecting recipes with their consultants, who are situated all over the United Kingdom and Europe

One of the favourite baits in carp fishing is Mainline Cell, a classic fish catcher in the modern fishing world. This success story continues to work year after year. It doesn’t matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter. Carp cannot resist this great bait.

Mainline has been a true inspiration to more than one generation of anglers. You can see their exploits on Sky TV, with many leading anglers on the fishing channels addicted to mainline baits.

The company’s use of liquid favours in their baits has been a technical innovation in landing anglers more carp. However, this species cannot get enough of them and never get bored with the various Mainline recipes.

Mainline owners were involved in the food industry long before entering the fishing market, and the baits are the leading edge, using the latest ingredients. The freshest bait you can get is frozen boilies, Response Boilies as they are called, which will bring you more fish and pop-ups.

If you are not a biased angler, read the reviews online and see why the Mainline brand has become a household name for bait in carp fishing. Their use of ingredients and favours has almost removed the need for anglers to make their carp baits.

The latest updates Mainline can be found on the Mainline Club. This gives news of fish being caught by its consultants and the newest web TV on things happening in the world of Mainline.

Apart from boilies and pop-ups, Mainline groundbaits and pellets are popular, with many fishermen targeting carp and other species.