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Delkim Products Ltd was set up in the 1970s and was the first to modify and manufacture its bite alarm range in the 1980s. The organisation has been a pioneer of fishing alarms with its Delkim Alarms over the last 40 years. The Romang family owns the company.

Delkim today is considered one of the leading producers of bite alarms used in fishing. The organisation is known for its Delkim TXI, TXI-D and TXI Plus designs.

These alarms work off a patented vibration system, where the fishing line passes over a thin wire, like a Violin that creates a sound. Delkim’s unique tone has led to millions of Delkim Bite Alarms being sold to consumers over the last 40 years.

Delkim is one of the few alarms made in the United Kingdom, as most are manufactured in Asia. People like that they buy into a British manufactured bite alarm, employing British people to make Delkim Alarms.

The new Delkim TXI D Alarm was launched in 2019 as the latest model replacing a 15-year-old design bought by millions of anglers from all over the globe. The fundamental alarm change is that it’s smaller and has many new features within its case.

Feature Changes Include:

  1. The Delkim TXI D Alarm body has been reduced by 30% compared to the original bite alarm.
  2. Anglers will notice the removal of a power switch underneath the alarm.
  3. The Delkim Bite Alarms now have push buttons on the front face. You also can alter several controls, including the day and nightlight colours of the LED from the front of the device. In addition, the LEDs have been repositioned further up in the ears for increased luminosity.
  4. The feedback response of the alarm has been changed to allow the angler to choose from the current Delkim sound or operate as a traditional bite alarm. As a result, you can hear the sound and know far better what is happening underwater, like standard bite alarms from other brands.
  5. The alarm has a higher level of waterproofness in terms of its ability to deal with excessive rain. The old alarms were known to play up in bad weather, while the new Delkim alarms are a massive improvement in terms of reliability for anglers.
  6. The brand new Delkim Digital Receiver has increased battery life, and the receiver's range can be used away from the bite alarm. New features include removing false beeps, so the alarm will only go off if you get a full-blown take.

Changes compared to previous Delkim TXI and TXI-D Ranges:

  • 64 digital sound options
  • Sound speed control
  • Enhanced digital control
  • Stealth or quiet operation mode
  • Self-save user preferences
  • Mute options on set-up