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Bank Sticks has evolved to mean different things to different people when angling. Anglers have used for 30 years stainless steel bank sticks with a point or spike that is pushed into the bankside is still popular. Bank sticks for fishing also allow for a single bankstick setup, which has grown in popularity in the last few years.

The other option is to buy additional bankware that can be used with a rod pod, usually screwed on top of the fishing pod. Anglers use bank sticks and buzz bars at the front, and a rod rests at the back that screws into the bank sticks found at the front and back of the fishing pod.

Fishing bank sticks come in various types; some are expensive, such as Jag Bank Sticks and Solar Bank Sticks. Some Anglers have carbon bank sticks with a point made of stainless. The issue is that they look amazing when first bought though Carbon bank sticks are easily damaged and bend when pushed into the ground. So the material is not widely used by serious carpers, other than it looks incredible.

If you are a course angler Korum Bank Sticks are suited to coarse fishermen. If a carp angler is angling more on a budget, Cygnet Bankware and Fox Black Label might be perfect for your requirements. Brands doing bank sticks like Nash, Solar, Jag, Korda, and Fox produce all the accessories from Rod Rests, Buzz Bars, and even rod pods to accompany their bank ware.