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Buzz Bars

If anglers are not using buzz bars, you can't fish more than one rod without one!

The name was given to the product because bite alarms, the nickname was buzzers that made a sound, were always placed on bars, and anglers gave it that name.

Buzz bars are usually positioned on top of bank sticks pushed straight into the ground or bank sticks built into rod pods. The fishing buzz bars make the pod very stable and organised for fishermen if used for a fishing pod. For carpers that wish to use bank sticks, you might need one bank stick on either side for extra stability.

Buzz bars can be manufactured from various materials; this includes stainless steel, aluminium and even carbon fibre. The advantage of using adjustable buzz bars instead of fixed buzz bars is that you can space your rods and reels to that perfect rod arrangement.

The colour options of Buzz Bars as Henry Ford used to say you can have any colour as long as black, though most anglers in carp angling like black. Stainless steel buzz bars are trendy with anglers that would look very nice with stainless steel bank sticks so that everything can colour match.

These are the top brands for Buzz Bars, Bank Sticks and Fishing Pods. Nash, Solar, Jag, Korda, Fox.