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Carp Fishing Accessories

Anyone who goes carp fishing knows it continues beyond buying a fishing rod, reels, and mainline. In addition, anglers will need carp accessories to add to a tackle box to land that elusive carp.

You will need an array of carp hooks ranging from size 6 to size 8 in various hooks for carp. In addition, there is a wide selection of hooks for carp fishing, patterns and styles. You will then be faced with whether you wish to use barbless fishing hooks that are fish-safe or barbed fishing hooks.

At, having a variety of fishing hooks is personal. However, if you are a beginner angler, it is advisable to use barbless fishing hooks as they are easier to remove with forceps.

Your choice of carp line is very personal, though you will need, in most instances, a carp fishing line with a minimum breaking strain starting around 10lb-15lb carp fishing line. The exact breaking strain will be selected based on the size of the carp you hope to catch. If you are angling in snaggy swims, use a higher-diameter fishing line with increased abrasion-resistance.

There are numerous choices if you are interested in braided fishing lines for carp angling. Over the last few years, braid anglers have increased due to their abrasion resistance and low diameters. Thus, the line is brilliant for angling in snaggy swims or lilies where regular carp lines might get damaged. The other option is to use mono carp lines for carp with a fishing leader that allows you to protect your carp line and carp rig if you get caught in snags when angling.

If all the above is daunting, you could play it safe and buy ready-made carp rigs that will work perfectly every time. Then, you tie them on, and they can be ready for carp angling within seconds.

With carp leads, you have various choices, from inline carp leads and distance leads to pear leads that are used based on your style of angling. The critical thing to note is carp leads must be selected based on the test curve of your fishing rod. So, if using a 3lb test curve rod, you will want a charge of at most 3oz; otherwise, you might damage your rod.

Carp Fishing Accessories will also include baiting needles or baiting needle sets, boilie punches and even bait drills; we have hundreds of products available, so please scroll through all the items on our website.

Other items that carp anglers often purchase are spods and marker floats to help them prebaiting and locate fish. The big brands in the market include spomb for Spods and Korda for their marker float kits. stocks a diverse range of thousands of fishing accessories from various carp tackle companies. The brand in our collection includes Korda, Nash, Gardner and Fox. To name a few companies that make terminal fishing tackle, we stock many brands, so have fun searching.