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Baitrunner reels, where do we start? First, you have choices in an array of designs and sizes, and multiple reel models are suited to a variety of applications. Additionally, it allows you to cast different distances and, importantly, holds your mainline!

The R.R.P. of fishing reels varies from £25.00 to £800 each. The price depends on the model and the type of reel you require. Some are good at long range, others playing fish, as anglers must match the rod to the fishing reel.

The big thing to know is that what product you need is down to your angling style. For example, if you wish to fish at extreme distances, you have carp reels; they come in Bait Runner Reels and Big Pit Reels.

Only two companies controlled the market in the old fishing days, and times have changed. Instead, many manufacturers from Nash, Sonik, Daiwa and Shimano are fighting for a share in the fishing reel market.

The second thing you must consider is a fishing reel with a front drag; the other option is a rear drag. Reels can include Double or Single Handles. The last big thing to consider is whether the reel does what you want, as it's the most sort after carp reel with a bait runner facility and a quick drag.

Fishing reels for carp have become the most popular, though reels can be used for other species, as most anglers want the ability to land a big fish. A built-in baitrunner facility makes all the difference, as a slight movement of the handle engages the drag system, which is ideal for carp. Using a front drag reel takes you from a free spool allowing fish to take the mainline to a fixed spool at the turn of the drag knob, and you're playing the fish.

If you want a Carp Reel from Daiwa, we have models to meet your needs, plus some from Shimano. We also have the perfect model for your angling requirements, Fox, Nash, and even Sonik.

Fishing reels and rods have many choices; if you search our website, you will find the perfect model on