Carp Catapults

Fishing Catapults are still as popular today as they have always been as a method of bait distribution. On, we stock fishing catapults from leading brands such as Korda, Drennan and Fox.

Carp fishermen and course anglers use many designs. Each type is suited to catapulting various types of fishing bait. The pouches and frame sizes are different, allowing anglers to fire bait at multiple distances. Carp fishing catapults distribute boilies with match anglers using catapults to spread particles and ground bait.

The art, though, with catapults is learning using to maximum effect. Discovering the best technique to catapult your bait to precisely the right spot you wish to fish takes time. In addition, for each type of bait, you might have to use slightly various techniques and need a different catapult design.
Match anglers that can fire pellets with their catapult can be a brilliant method for catching and feeding carp. But is it a fast method of getting bait in the correct spots you wish to fish. Instructions are provided on how to get the best out of the product.

On, if you scroll through our catapults for fishing, we have many models based on what you wish to achieve in your angling. Our collections include fishing catapult elastics and even pouches if yours needs to be repaired. Fishing catapults can have a massive effect on catching, so you must get practising.