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Today's invention of fishing barrows allows fishermen to move a large of tackle in one trip. Electric fishing barrows have recently become popular with fishermen in the United Kingdom and Europe, saving you from damaging your back.

The fishing wheelbarrow is another word for a fishing barrow; brands include Fox and Nash manufacture barrows. The barrows we market allow a fisherman to dismantle them and place them in your Car or Van. has researched all the top fishing barrows. Barrows are available at all price points, with electric fishing barrows being the most expensive. So if you need a fishing trolley or barrow, we have the ideal item.

Moving tackle to your swim is stressful if not using a barrow. A fishing barrow or trolley takes all the stress away from fishermen. This is why anglers have been prepared to pay for barrows and protect their back from injury. Match and course fishermen both used to take a seatbox to their swim. So trolleys and barrows are now used by all types of fishermen.

Fox manufactures the best barrows, Prestige with and Nash, so please scroll through the articles as we have lots of information on the subject.

The top barrow company is Prestige with their Carp Porter mark 2, Carp Porter mk2 Fatboy. In loading your carp fishing barrow, make sure you put the heavy items on the bottom, such as water and boilies, in the bottom section by the wheel to stabilise the barrow. On the first layer, put your bedchair and your barrow bags. Food Bag and bivvy and last and not least rod holdall. If you load it correctly, there is effort carrying your carp barrow. Most manufacturers allow the fisherman to take off the wheel if you go for their fishing to place into your vehicle.

Another thought is carp fishing barrows are not assembled, and these will have to be assembled at home. Please review the descriptions; we want you to be happy with your product.