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The Art and Science of Throwing Sticks in Carp Fishing


Fishing, an art as ancient as time, has evolved with the introduction of innovative tools and techniques. Among these, the throwing stick stands out, proving its worth in the realm of carp fishing. Drawing inspiration from, this article delves deeper into the world of throwing sticks, their significance, and their evolution.

Mastering Bait Placement with Throwing Sticks

The Essence of Throwing Sticks in Carp Fishing

Throwing sticks serve a pivotal role in carp fishing. Their primary function is to aid anglers in bait feeding, ensuring that the bait reaches the desired spot without alarming the fish. The success of carp angling hinges on the angler's ability to cast accurately, and a throwing stick, when wielded correctly, becomes an invaluable ally in this endeavour.

The Evolution and Advancement in Throwing Stick Design

Gone are the days when throwing sticks were rudimentary tools. Modern designs, influenced by advancements in materials and technology, are lighter, stronger, and tailored for precision. The level of accuracy achievable with these contemporary throwing sticks is unparalleled, making them indispensable for every serious angler/

Precision and Efficiency: The Hallmarks of Modern Throwing Sticks

Precision in bait placement is paramount for successful carp fishing. The unique design of throwing sticks addresses the challenge of casting boilies far enough without causing excessive disturbance in the water. These tools enable the angler to position a boilie at the tip and cast it into the water, ensuring that the bait travels the desired distance with minimal water disturbance compared to a catapult.

Leading Suppliers and Reviews

Fox, Nash, and Korda: The Titans of Throwing Sticks

These brands have carved a niche for themselves as the premier manufacturers of fishing throwing sticks in the UK. Using a throwing stick from these trusted brands can significantly elevate your fishing game, ensuring pinpoint accuracy when prebaiting or placing boilies around your carp rig.

Product Highlights

  • Fox Rangemaster Carbon 20 Throwing Stick: Priced at £84.99, this throwing stick is a testament to quality and efficiency. Its carbon construction ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight profile.

  • Korda Eazi Stick: Available for as low as £15.99, the Korda Eazi Stick is a favourite among many anglers. Its design ensures ease of use, making bait feeding a breeze.

Q&A Section

Q: What is a throwing stick in fishing? A: A throwing stick is a tool used by anglers to cast bait accurately into the water.

Q: What is the best throwing stick? A: Brands like Fox, Nash, and Korda are renowned for producing some of the best throwing sticks in the market.

Q: What is a throwing stick called? A: It's commonly referred to as a "throwing stick" in the fishing community.

Q: How do you use a carp fishing throwing stick? A: The throwing stick is used to cast bait into the water. By placing the bait in the stick and using a flicking motion, anglers can achieve precise bait placement.


Throwing sticks have undeniably revolutionised carp fishing. With the introduction of high-quality products from reputed brands and the continuous evolution of design, anglers are now better equipped than ever. Mastering the throwing stick might require practice, but the rewards, in terms of accuracy and efficiency, are well worth the effort. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, investing in a quality throwing stick can significantly enhance your fishing experience.