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The latest advances in materials used in fishing throwing sticks have produced leading-edge products  in 2023/24, and we have them here on

Carp angling results are improved with the best carp tools, and it's about having equipment up to the fishing task. However, Carp Bait might be brilliant at catching carp unless you can put your bait where your rig is. When used correctly, a fishing throwing stick for carp fishing is fantastic for bait feeding.

Your catch results are linked to your ability to cast to the right spot and place your free offering bait in the exact location. In addition, using a throwing stick correctly is a fantastic baiting device in the right carp anglers hands.

Old throwing sticks are not as good as the latest lighter, stronger, and improved designs that can throw the bait further in your swim. In addition, the level of accuracy you can achieve with a stick is fantastic.

At, we have spent years learning to fish with a fishing throwing stick and helping carpers achieve spectacular distances. Unrivalled accuracy is guaranteed with these products.

Without a stick that's up to the job, your fishing will suffer, and you will not catch carp. So using the latest generation stick is a must in guaranteeing your increased catch results and your fishing throwing stick becoming part of your essential items of fishing tackle.

The best UK manufacturers of fishing throwing sticks are  Fox, Nash, and Korda. Using the right stick takes your game to the next level in performance when prebaiting or placing boilies around your carp rig with pinpoint accuracy.