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Carp Fishing Rod Supports

Rod supports in carp fishing are of utmost importance in carp fishing safety. They stop your rods and reels from being dragged into the water, protecting the fish from harm. Fishing Bankware accessories take many forms, from fishing rod rests, bank sticks and fishing buzz bars. Combining all these items as a rod support set gives you everything to support your fishing rods and reels and a perfect fish safety setup.

Some rod support systems can be used individually or as separate items from various manufacturers. You will need a front bank stick with your electronic alarm and a rear butt rest to hold your rods securely.

In most cases, tackle brands in carp fishing have their bankware ranging from fishing, buzz bars and rod rests. The other option is to be brought together to form a pod setup. So if you scroll through the fishing bank ware, we have bank sticks for fishing and anything you need to buy as rod support you will want for your angling.

The trend in recent years has been to fish a separate rod with individual rods pointed in different directions in the swim. It means the rod is aligned with the fishing line and rig setup. Both use a rod pod, and single bank stick systems work in carp angling.

When you get a screaming to take on your bite alarm, and the fish moves left or right if you're not using the right rod's support system, your tackle ends up in the water. The best brands in the fishing market for rod supports are Fox, Solar, Jag, and Wychwood, just a few brands trusted in this area.

The advantage is Rod Pods can be bought and set up in minutes, whereas bank sticks need to be forced into the ground. On the other hand, single Bank Sticks for fishing might look like a different rod setup, with each rod being in a different place in your swim, though it takes much longer to set up.

Both methods of rod support will give you a stable platform to hold your angling rods securely. Carp anglers who want total control of their rod support to set up a Rod Pod cannot be beaten for neatness and assembling speed on any fishing bank surface.