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Spod Rods and Marker Rods play an essential part in fishing today in spodding bait onto the right spot. In contrast, a marker rod helps the angler find gravel bars and gullies under the water.

If you pair the perfect Spod Rod and Reel together, you will have a great setup for rebaiting your swim. With a Marker Rod, you can cast long distances and feel everything underwater. Over the last few years, distance markers have become the new craze in fishing. Anglers want to cast to the exact spot time and time again, using a spod rod and marker rod.

The idea is being organised, and using a spod rod setup is believed to be the way forward in carp fishing.

Spod Rods also have a second use if you add a marker float that you can use to work out the depth of the water using a marker float, plus work out the spots on the lakebed. Anglers often leave the spod rod in the water and cast it to the spot, clipping it down when they reach the area so they can do it every time. These two rods allow you repeatedly o find the perfect location and spod out bait and particles to the right place with your spod rod.

Most angler's accessories to add to Spod and Marker rods, including Spods, Spombs and Marker float, are needed to complete their setup.

If you are interested in Spod Rod and Reel Combos, we have offered to supply the best products that match together. On, we guarantee it is worth investing time and money into this arrangement, and it is far more effective than throwing sticks for today's carp angler.

Spod Rods are excellent in spodding at extreme distances. However, if you are using a Throwing Stick or Catapult without guidance, you do not know if you are hitting the same spot every time. Spod and Marker Rods, ensure you are in total control when prebaiting a swim.

The best brands for Spod Rods and Marker Rods are Wolf, Fox, and Nash, a few of these rods makers. We have 10ft, 12 Ft and 13ft Spod Rods and Marker Rods with all the latest information. So, if you want to cast over 90 yards, we have the fishing tackle to allow you to do just that!