Carp Bobbins & Swinger Indicators

Swingers have been around for roughly thirty years. Design works on the principle of a coloured head, with a weight held in place by a wire that you can move up and down.

This allows you to create different weights and balance points that reduce line movement due to wind. Within these devices, a Beta Light is often included, which glows at night and can be added to the various Carp Bite indicators.

These bite indicators for carp were invented by Colin Tyler, who worked teamed up with Fox to create the product using an ingenious line clip system, which completely out-rivalled the Bobbin Bite Indicators, or Bottle Top, which were the closest to bite indication back in their day.

Bite alarm indicators have been adopted as modern indicators. The main difference is that they have been made to look attractive and be seen from long distances.

An Electronic Bite Alarm indicator gives an audio sound, whereas the Bite indicator visually represents what is happening. Some Bite alarm indicators you can buy illuminated bite indicators.

When you go Carp fishing, these bite indicators often show what is happening underwater. To explain more detail, the fish is hooked and swimming away from you when the bite indicator rises. This visual information is very important to Carp anglers, as it explains where the fish is going. It also indicates what type of taking it is and what direction the fish is going, even left or right. Some of the best bite indicators have been made by Solar and Fox, who makes the bite indicator.

If the fish is going towards you, the Bite indicator comes forward on the line, giving more visual information before picking up the rod. However, the line is likely to go slack, so it may not register as much with a Bite Alarm, whereas a fish swimming away, tightening the line, would.

Bite indicators are produced by brands such as Fox, Solar Tackle, Delkim and Korda, to name just a few brands. So Carp anglers cannot go wrong picking products from the above manufacturers and adding them to your tackle box.

The advantage of its sensitivity is that you can clearly understand what is happening underwater when you've caught a Carp.