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Carp Unhooking Mats and Carp Cradles

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Carp Unhooking Mats and Carp Cradles: A Comprehensive Review


Carp fishing is a sport that has evolved over the years, with anglers becoming increasingly conscious of the well-being of the fish they catch. As a result, the use of carp unhooking mats and carp cradles has become essential. These tools ensure that the fish are handled carefully, minimising the risk of injury. With several brands in the market, choosing the right product is crucial. This article delves into the offerings of some of the leading brands in the industry: Nash, Trakker, Aqua, and ESP.

1. Aqua Products

Aqua Products Atom Camo Unhooking Mat - £125.99

Opinion: A stylish and functional unhooking mat that ensures the safety of the carp. The camo design is a nice touch, blending in with the natural surroundings.

Aqua Products Combi Mat - £99.99

Opinion: A versatile mat that can be used in various fishing scenarios. Its design ensures that the fish remains calm and safe during unhooking.

Aqua Products Deluxe Compact Unhooking Mat - £99.99

Opinion: Compact yet effective, this mat is perfect for anglers who are always on the move. It offers excellent protection for the fish without being too bulky.

2. ESP

ESP Carp Doctor 50ml - £9.99

Opinion: A must-have for every angler. This product helps treat any injuries the carp might sustain, ensuring their well-being.

ESP Flat Mat Camo - £89.95

Opinion: Another excellent product from ESP. The flat mat camo offers a safe and comfortable space for the carp during unhooking.

ESP Quickdraw Unhooking Mat - £69.95

Opinion: A quick and easy solution for unhooking. The design ensures that the carp is safe and secure, reducing the risk of injury.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Safety: Carp unhooking mats and cradles ensure the fish are safe from injuries.
  2. Convenience: They provide a secure space for anglers to unhook the fish.
  3. Versatility: Many mats and cradles are designed for various fishing scenarios.


  1. Cost: Some high-end mats and cradles can be expensive.
  2. Bulkiness: Some products can be bulky and challenging to transport.


Carp unhooking mats and cradles have become indispensable tools for modern-day anglers. They not only ensure the safety of the fish but also provide convenience to the anglers. Brands like Aqua, ESP Carp, Nash, and Trakker have been at the forefront, offering functional and durable products. As carp fishing continues to grow in popularity, the importance of carp care cannot be overstated. Investing in a good quality mat or cradle is not just beneficial for the fish but also for the future of the sport.

For 2024: As we look ahead, it's essential to keep an eye on the latest innovations in carp care. Brands are continuously evolving, offering more efficient and environmentally friendly products. The future promises even better tools for anglers, ensuring that carp fishing remains a sustainable and enjoyable sport for generations to come.