10ft Carp Rods

What would happen if you stopped using your 10ft Carp Rod? That has taken the angling market by storm over the last few years. There has been a massive shift with younger and older anglers who want telescopic fishing rods that pack up small and fit into 10ft rod holdalls or rod bags.

With younger anglers, gear can be left in their car and takes up less space at home; the other reason is it is now fashionable to fish light. Anglers with 10ft rods can do almost as much with a 10ft fishing rod as the better models can cast 160 yards as a 12ft fishing rod. There are different price points for 10ft carp rods ranging from £60.00 to £400 each based on the fittings, carbon content used and the exact specification of the rod.

The most significant in the angling area is the growth of 10ft Carp Rod or telescopic rods. Young anglers love short rods as it is ideally suited to smaller fisheries in the United Kingdom when angling at shorter distances or Boat Angling in Europe. However, 12ft carp rods and 13ft carp rods are still though many anglers have different rods based on the distances they wish to fish and the water they are fishing at the time.

The market leader who started the trend is Alan Blair with Nash TT Scopes; these rods are short and telescopic. In addition, 10ft Carp Rods have become the rod of choice for kids fishing rods, as they are easier to manage to allow children to fish and cast long distances.

Selecting the best rods is personal; it does not just price but the brand's people support. The leading brands for 10ft vary between Wolf 10ft Rods on the upper end of the market, focusing on quality. The rods come in three types Wolf X1K 10ft Carp Rods is a rod built-in 1K carbon from tip to Butt, so it is perfect for angling off the bank and at long distances.

The Wolf X3K is another excellent rod; it's very different in that it has a 3K carbon lower section and a 1K very responsive tip. So, you have all the power in the handle, and the tip section is rapid, and when your add on the Alps Reel seat and fittings, it is a brilliant Rod.

Nash Scope TT Rods

Scopes can be purchased in cork or full shrink. Based on the test curve, some models are suitable for spodding and PVA Bags and can be used with a bait boat. Lengths of rods in ranges include 9ft and 10ft, 3.25lb or 3.5lb. A perfect rod if you wish for a 10ft carp rod. The flagship rod in the Nash 10ft carp range features a 24/30 tonne carbon to give it increased power.

How do you select the best carp rod for under £100?

If you have a budget of £100 for a 10ft Carp Rod, the following rods might fit your price range. The main difference will be the quality of the carbon might be less, and it might not have a natural carbon finish; it might be more of a wrap. We will discuss the best brands for 10ft Carp Rods are Nash, Fox, Sonik and Wychwood. Additionally, these rods with a mixture of prices might be perfect for your anglers wishing to fish with 10ft Carp Rods.

Wychwood Extractor Plus Rods

Wychwood 10ft Carp Rods might hit the spot if you are fishing more on a budget. These rods look good, though perfect for nearly all angling situations that require shorter rods. It has a customised handle design and a 3K and 1K weave finish with a fuji reel seat.

Nash Dwarf Shrink 10ft Rod

The Nash Dwarf, 10ft Rod, is ideal for adults and kids fishing rods at lower prices. It is short, light, and easy to manage. It has the perfect action for playing fish and landing smaller fish and carp. Rods can be bought in 3.25lb and 3.5lb test curve, which is ideal for anglers wanting the chance to land bigger carp and use PVA bags. The reel handle is EVA and includes Minima Rings with a matt black butt carp and black whippings.

Sonik Vader X 10ft Rods

What can we say about these rods for the price? These 10ft carp fishing rods are simply perfect for the angler on a budget. The Sonik Vader X has both performances when needed, slim blanks, and the tip recovers fast. Rings are SIC with double legs and a tip that is ani wrap. Includes line clip and can take a big pit reel.