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Mastering Feeder Fishing: The Role of Reels in Enhancing Your Catch


Feeder fishing, a popular method for catching coarse fish, requires specific gear for success. Central to this setup is the feeder reel, a component that can significantly influence your fishing experience.

1. Understanding Feeder Reels

Feeder reels are designed to handle the unique demands of feeder fishing. Key features include a robust drag system, larger spools for long-distance casting, and a smooth retrieval mechanism. Brands like Daiwa, Shimano, and Preston have specialized reels tailored for feeder fishing.

2. When to Use Different Feeder Reels

Distance Casting: For long-range feeder fishing, larger reels with wider spools are preferred. These reels allow for longer line capacity, essential for casting to distant feeding spots.

Precision Fishing: In situations requiring precision, such as fishing near structures or in smaller waters, a feeder reel with a finer drag system offers better control.

3. The Role of Gear Ratio

The gear ratio in feeder reels dictates the speed of line retrieval. A higher gear ratio means faster retrieval, beneficial for quick re-casting and playing active fish. Lower gear ratios offer more power for larger, heavier fish.

4. Balancing Reel with Rod

Selecting a reel that balances well with your feeder rod is crucial. This balance improves casting accuracy and reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions.

5. Innovations in Feeder Reels

Recent advancements include improved bearings for smoother operation, advanced materials for reduced weight, and enhanced drag systems for finer control.

6. Why Choose Quality Feeder Reels

Investing in a high-quality feeder reel can dramatically improve your fishing experience. Quality reels offer durability, precision, and a more enjoyable fishing experience, especially during long sessions or when targeting large fish.

Product Reviews with Ratings

1. Daiwa 20 N'zon LT Reel

  • Features: Designed for short to medium distance feeder work, sub 5:1 ratio, enhanced with Digigear and 4BB, 79cm haul per handle turn on the 5000 model, twin lip LC spool, soft HIP line clip.
  • Ratings: Durability 4.5/5, Performance 4.5/5, Value for Money 4/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £72.99 - £97.99.

2. Daiwa 21 Tournament Feeder Qd

  • Features: Magsealed, shallow LC - Long Cast spool, Mag Sealed and twin HIP Line Clips, Zaion Body, DS5 Air Rotor, QD Quick Drag, One-Touch Folding Handle, Digigear, Spare Spool.
  • Ratings: Durability 5/5, Performance 5/5, Value for Money 3.5/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £299.00 - £387.50.

3. Daiwa Ninja DA Double Handle Reel

  • Features: New distance control line clip, graphite body, Air Rotor, geared down retrieve, front drag, 4BB and Infinite Anti-Reverse, full spec spare spool.
  • Ratings: Durability 4/5, Performance 4/5, Value for Money 4.5/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £59.99 - £71.99.

4. Daiwa Ninja Feeder LT

  • Features: LT concept for lighter design, Tough Digigear, available in 3000, 4000, and 6000 sizes, suitable for coarse fishing with thin lines, Longcast ABS aluminum spool.
  • Ratings: Durability 4/5, Performance 4.5/5, Value for Money 5/5.
  • UK Prices: Included in the pricing of Daiwa Ninja DA Double Handle Reel.

5. Fox EOS 5000 Freespool Reel

  • Features: Compact body in black, ultra-slow oscillation, brilliant line lay, quick front drag, 5 stainless steel ball bearings, 1 roller bearing, CNC machined solid aluminum handle, freespool feature.
  • Ratings: Durability 4/5, Performance 4/5, Value for Money 5/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £52.15 - £64.99.

6. Preston Extremity Feeder 520 Reel

  • Features: Designed for extreme distances, features a strong graphite body, ultra-slow oscillation for perfect line lay, robust 5:1 gearing, quick drag system, 6 ball bearings for smooth operation.
  • Ratings: Durability 4.5/5, Performance 4.5/5, Value for Money 4/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £84.99 - £100.99.

7. Shimano Nexave FI Reel

  • Features: Varispeed II system, Propulsion Line Management System for longer casts and reduced backlashes, cold forged aluminum spool, G-Free Body for better weight balance, AR-C spool design.
  • Ratings: Durability 4.5/5, Performance 4/5, Value for Money 4.5/5.
  • UK Prices: Approx. £29.99 - £39.99.

7. Conclusion

The right feeder reel is a game-changer in feeder fishing. It enhances casting accuracy, control, and the overall enjoyment of the sport. Understanding the features and selecting a reel suited to your fishing style and conditions is key to mastering feeder fishing.