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Anglers love to share their experiences with others, backing these up with a photograph and the exact weight of a special fish or big catch. But, of course, the first thing a keen listener is likely to ask is how big the fish or catch was; to get this right, you need scales.

On, we have studied the best scale brands, which include firm favourites like Reuben Heaton, Korda, Fox, and Wychwood. You will find scales at all price points, from digital to dial models. So, next time someone asks that key question, you can tell them the weight of your capture with conviction.

Scales won’t simply work independently, requiring a sling or weigh net with straps they hook onto. Most anglers reset the scales after placing the wet sling or weigh net on them. With fish care in mind, investing in a sling or net from a known manufacturer is advisable. Fine or rubber mesh products are good. Other considerations with fish scales choice is in the UK; anglers want dial scales that weigh in pounds and ounces, while on the Continent, the metric is preferred. However, most battery-powered digital scales have both imperial and metric options. 

Digital versus Dial

Carp and other big fish anglers still prefer dial fishing scales to record their catches. Anglers are like seeing a needle move to those magical places that signal a new personal best fish. But with all the technological advancements, digital scales are growing in popularity. They are very straightforward to use, allowing you to switch between Pounds and Kilos, plus they register weights very quickly. Fox Digital Scales have been around for 20 years and are very highly rated.