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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Scales for Anglers


Fishing scales are indispensable tools for anglers. Whether you’re targeting giant fish or competing in tournaments, precise scales are necessary for accurately recording your catches. This guide is designed to help seasoned and novice anglers select the best scales to measure their prized catches.

Types of Scales and Their Features

  1. Digital vs. Dial Scales:

    • Digital Scales: Offer advanced features, easy readability, and locking mechanisms. It is ideal for match fishing and solo anglers.
    • Dial Scales: Known for their reliability and simplicity. They function well in various conditions and don't need batteries.
  2. Weight Limits:

    • Choose scales based on the size of your target fish. For small fish like roach, scales with a 10lb limit are suitable, while for larger species like carp or catfish, scales with over 100lb capacity are needed.

Top Picks for Fishing Scales

  1. Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scales: £89.99, 4.5/5. Renowned for accuracy, it has been a favourite since the late 1980s.
  2. Wychwood T-Bar Fishing Scales MKll: £24.99, 4/5. User-friendly, ideal for solo anglers.
  3. Korum Compact Digital Scales: £25.99, 4.2/5. Compact and accurate, perfect for mobile anglers.
  4. Reuben Heaton Flyweight: £22.99, 4.1/5. Pocket-sized and portable, it is great for specimen anglers.
  5. Avid Digital Scales: £66.99, 4.3/5. Known for intuitive design and high capacity.
  6. Rite Weigh: £28.00, 3.8/5. Lightweight, perfect for match fishing, can attach to a landing net.
  7. Fox Digital Scales: £89.99, 4.5/5. Durable and reliable, versatile for various fishing situations.
  8. Reuben Heaton 7000 Digital Scales: £62.99, 4.4/5. Features a memory function and waterproof rating.

Choosing the Right Scale

When selecting a scale, consider your fishing style, target fish size, weight limit, and readability of the scales. Your choice between digital and dial scales should match your preference for advanced features or simplicity and reliability.


Choosing the right fishing scales is crucial for enhancing your fishing experience. Whether it's for recording the weight of a big catch or for competitive fishing, the right scales offer accuracy, reliability, and balance between functionality, durability, and ease of use.