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Carp Mats, Carp Cradles, Unhooking Mats

Anglers now class fish care a priority because fish can suffer and get damaged without it. This should not happen in modern times, considering the amount of safe fishing tackle available, including unhooking mats, carp cradles and weigh slings.

Various angling tools also help, such as forceps, antiseptic gels and hook cutters. All should be ready when you encounter any likely problems when out angling. If you look at all the fishing accessories available, there are many to help with fish safety, which can be seen by simply scrolling through our website. We like to promote keeping fish safe and healthy. You will find a product for every situation you will ever need in fishing. For example, Carp.com has fish scales to interlink with your fishing slings and tripods, allowing safe and accurate weighing of the fish you catch, even if you are fishing alone.

Other crucial items are unhooking mats and carp cradles, which work well alongside your landing net. If you have all the right tools, whatever happens, you will be ready for any situation.

Fishing nets we sell include various meshes in different sizes and styles. For example, you might need a rubber net with a metal handle if pike fishing. All our nets are fish-friendly and work perfectly with unhooking mats and cradles.

This article is dedicated to providing information on all the major carp safety items, so you can rest easy knowing you can return every fish safely to the water.

Whether fishing in the United Kingdom or Europe, fish care has become the first thing on angler's minds over the last few years; anglers want to ensure fish don't get damaged while in their care so they swim away in good condition and live for many years to come.

Fishing Weigh Slings

If you go fishing and want to weigh your fish, you will need a weigh sling, dial scales and a tripod. Most anglers like to know how much big fish they capture weigh. It's an important talking point. Therefore, it's of utmost importance to have fishing scales you trust to record your catch in pounds or kilos before taking a photo and returning the fish to the water.

Our fishing scales cover digital and dial designs, which accurately record all the best catches each fishing trip throws up. Photos can then be taken over a carp mat or carp cradle.

Weigh slings have multiple uses and can be used for fish retention. If placed in water, a sling that floats will keep the fish safe while you prepare to take a photo or get scales set up. Most fish need a few minutes to recover after being caught and safely placed back in the water. The size of carp most anglers want to record with weighing and photography tends to be between 10lb and 30lb.

Unhooking Mats

Carp mats have become essential fish care accessories for carp and all bigger species. Fish will not get damaged on a carp mat, which saves them from coming into contact with rough ground.

Padded and waterproof mats help to make the transition of fish being unhooked go smoother before they are returned to the water as quickly as possible.

Fishery owners obviously take fish care seriously, and in many venues, unhooking mats is compulsory. Most carp mats are foam padded and constructed with fish-friendly fabrics. Once water is poured onto the smooth, waterproof material, it will help keep the fish in perfect condition.

There are different types of unhooking mats available. Some are suited for catfish and predators like pike, while others are designed mainly for carp, often called carp cradles.

Carp Cradles are normally padded on their sides and base. However, compared to a basic mat, they offer extra protection with their Velcro covers, which keep lively fish from flipping out.

The good thing with mats and cradles is they can be rolled up quickly and compactly, requiring very little storage space.

Some types of unhooking mats and cradles are useful for anglers, providing a cushioned kneeling area for better comfort and preventing getting your trousers wet.

It's vital to keep fish as comfortable as possible while they are on the bank. Therefore, it has become a widespread practice for anglers to pour water over their captures on a carp mat or cradle. This keeps the fish more relaxed and prevents it from drying out too much. Based on where you fish, and the size of the fish being targeted, mats and cradles come in many sizes.

Medical Kits

Medical fish care kits have been around for many years. Companies like Nash and Korda provide antiseptic creams for healing damaged scales and mouth sores. These products hardly take up any space in your fishing kit.