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  1. Drennan DR Feeder Link

    As low as £3.99
  2. Drennan DR Puller Bead

    As low as £1.95
  3. Drennan Run Ring

    As low as £2.99
  4. Guru Elastic Connector

    As low as £5.99
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Coarse Fishing Essentials: Gear Up at is the dedicated portal for all things coarse fishing, offering a selection of specialized accessories to elevate your angling game. For those who know their fishing, and for those who are just getting their feet wet, provides the necessary gear to get you ready for the waters.

Essential Coarse Fishing Accessories:

Bait Management: Choose from an array of bait buckets and riddles to ensure your bait is always fresh and irresistible.

Bite Alarms & Receivers: Never miss a nibble with cutting-edge bite alarms and receivers, crucial for any focused coarse fisherman.

Bait Options: Venture through a diverse selection of baits and boilies, perfect for attracting a variety of coarse fish.

Terminal Tackle: Stock up on the small but vital pieces of tackle that make a big difference, such as hooks, weights, and swivels.

Pole Rollers: Ensure smooth and controlled pole handling with durable pole rollers, a must-have for any pole angler.