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Not all coarse anglers match fish. Many prefer pleasure sessions, catching anything that comes along, or targeting specific species or specimen-sized fish. Many anglers who don’t match fish use a day chair. Their prime objective is to be comfortable on the bank, not requiring the intensity of fishing from a seat box.

Matrix, Preston and Middy are principal fishing tackle manufacturers that supply quality match and general coarse seating.
Coarse fishing chairs can differ from carp fishing versions in that they are often designed so accessories can be attached, such as bait trays, rod rests…even an arm to support your umbrella.

Higher-quality match and pleasure fishing chairs have self adjust legs, similar to those found on carp fishing products. In addition, most are fitted with useful mud feet that avoid sinking over soft ground. If you scroll through the available chairs, some come in kit form, including useful accessories that help make your angling even more fun.

With a little practice, clamp-on accessories can sometimes be folded back and stored on a chair when packed into transport mode. In addition, some models come with bags, which allow everything to be stored inside.

Comfort, when spending all day on the fishing bank, is important. The quality of a chair’s padding and its frame adjustability can only add to your enjoyment. Even being able to adjust the chair's back rest and alter the height of any of its adjustable legs can make all the difference in getting the correct position and gaining that important next bite.

Most quality chairs have telescopic legs. The first swivel foot design was introduced by Fox back in the 1980s.  They were pioneers in developing fishing chairs and carp bed chairs, which are now widely used by match, specimen, roving and pleasure anglers.

Match chairs have evolved to allow competitive fishermen to use rods and poles more freely, also accepting useful accessories, which can be clamped on their frames. You will discover various chair options on our website in the match and coarse chair section, where there will inevitably be something to suit your style of angling.