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There is a vast array of fishing accessories to explore, from fishing lines designed for various tactics to versatile terminal tackle like fishing feeders, which allow groundbait to be introduced in diverse ways.

Fishing Lines and Tackle for Coarse Fishing

A sensible way to pick the right mainline is to consider the size of coarse fish you wish to catch. For instance, targeting species like roach, perch, rudd and skimmer bream, 3lb or 4lb mono will be ideal. In addition, by using lower breaking strains, the line will be thinner and cast further when using light tackle, which will be required to catch fish like this.

The position changes when fishing for bigger species like carp and barbel. You need to increase the breaking strain of your mainlines between at least 6lb and 10lb. These lines will be thicker in diameter, but many brands have improved to be less thick than they used to be, which helps to avoid spooking wary big fish, although extra care needs to be taken.

Fishing with floats can be fun, and we carry a big variety, suitable for rivers, stillwaters and match fishing. The top float companies are Drennan and Middy. If you need fishing hooks to match the lines you use, has patterns for all coarse species, from silverfish to carp, to help you catch your dream fish or target weights.

If you don’t have time to make up perfect rigs for coarse fishing, we have ready-made versions for coarse anglers, along with in-line feeders, swivels and all the other accessories required to gain the perfect rig setups. In addition, we have carp rigs for floater and bottom applications, alongside many feeder fishing options to float fishing hook lengths.

If you need swivels for your fishing, we stock a big variety of these rig components. In addition, we have coarse fishing tackle from all the leading brands, such as Guru, Matrix, Maver and Drennan. With us, you can find the perfect terminal tackle and course fishing accessories to help land more fish.

We have created special coarse fishing accessory packs for anglers who are unsure what to buy. Each kit or pack is designed for a variety of purposes to help land your target species and satisfy your big fish expectations. The fishing accessory packs are ideal for including a fishing tackle or a seat box. Each pack has been specifically designed to save many hours of work, researching the best terminal tackle set-ups currently on the market. Each package has been put together for various sizes and types of fish to suit a big menu of methods.

There is a big and diverse range of accessories for fishing. Hooks from large size 2s, down to tiny 26s. Other terminal tackle includes swivels, lines, leads, different kinds of shots, braided fishing lines and disgorgers, and rigs for carp.