Coarse Bait Making

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Each style of coarse, pleasure and match fishing requires different bait combinations. Other factors to consider are the venue you are fishing and what bait you think will work on the day. For example, some fishermen love punched bread, which is a simple bait to use and inexpensive. In contrast, others prefer taking lots of exotic offerings with them and using more attacking methods.

Most coarse and match fishermen have basic bait-making equipment at home, from riddles to pellet pumps. Coarse anglers generally don’t prepare baits as meticulously as carpers, but they will mix up groundbaits before a trip, ensuring they get their crumb mixes in perfect shape. In carp fishing, it’s different, with many anglers creating unique boilies, pop-ups and particle mixes. Some coarse anglers take this approach too.

At, we know all about bait-making equipment, remembering our dads making bait at home on a Friday night for their Saturday or Sunday fishing trips. The leading manufacturers of bait equipment are Matrix, Preston and Guru. Apart from pellet pumps to turn soft-soaked expander pellets into sinkers, there are pellet sieves to drain water off, pellet bags to keep bait fresh, riddles for running maggots and casters, alongside large buckets and bowls for the same task.   

We assure you that getting your bait perfect will land you more fish!