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Bait for coarse fishing has become a science, with incredibly effective boilies from leading manufacturers such as Sonu Baits, Bait-Tech, Sticky Baits, Nash and several other companies, all available at The boom in carp baits hasn’t gone unnoticed by coarse and match anglers, who often use similar but smaller versions and pop-ups and wafters when using the method and hybrid feeders.

General coarse feed often comprises groundbait, pellets and particles, but more favours like those carp anglers have been creeping in. These are added to coarse and match fishing baits to act as an extra attractant. These aromas have been designed to leak out into the surrounding water and attract fish in large numbers.

Our array of fishing bait ingredients, flavours and enhancers can improve your results. If they work for anglers who carp fish, they will be just as effective for coarse anglers. However, if you too want to put extra flavour into your baits, please feel free to explore our extensive collection of ingredients and attractants.

At, by scrolling through our website, you will find powdered additives and liquid flavours that can be used to create fantastic bait mixes unique to you. Many of our ready-made recipes can simply be added to groundbaits, hook baits, particles and boilies. Having the right bait is also critical when fishing matches, as competitors will use top-quality feed to try and steal fish away from you!   


Anglers have a great choice of groundbaits on the market from top companies like Mainline. They provide perfect mixes with method feeders, where groundbait is compressed around flatbed designs with matching moulds. This gives options of either leaving the hook bait visible or burying it, in both cases using a short link, so the bait stays close. Fish attack the groundbait as it breaks down, along with anything else close by, including hooked or hair-rigged baits.

Adding liquid attractants to various groundbaits and other offerings will bring fish to your swim simply by changing the taste of what you are feeding, making it different to what everyone else is using. Groundbait mixes have added favours and varying shades to attract various species, also different consistencies and colours to suit a wide range of venue types. Match and coarse anglers often use ground expander and micro pellet particles with their groundbait, particularly in fishmeal recipes.

Usually, groundbaits can be purchased in 1kg or 2kg packets. Moreover, some can be bought in different colours. My favourite hues are neutral brown, red, green and black.

Fish probably see things differently from us due to the refraction of light in water. Red has always been a favourite and effective bait colour, but green is perhaps the most popular choice on heavily coloured commercial fisheries. Many anglers switch to black groundbaits in winter because they are less likely to make bait stand out over them and attract predators like pike. Brown is a standard middle-of-the-road colour, widely used everywhere.

Groundbait can be moulded onto method feeders or pushed into open-end designs. Free baits can also be added to it to make the feed even more attractive. Another option some anglers craftily use is a PVA bag with the crumb mix, freebies and hook bait inside, so everything lands in a perfect heap.

Fishing Pellets

Fishing pellets can be purchased in various colours and flavours. Most used colours are white, yellow, brown, red, green, orange and black. Vivid colours stand out over silty lake beds, while darker hues can help to avoid attention from small nuisance fish.

When purchasing pellets in sacks, most come in a natural brown colour. This is because they are cheaper to buy this way and anglers use them as free offerings in PVA bags or for spodding large quantities. Coloured and flavoured pellets vary from sweet to fishy flavours. Sweet and bright colours work well in winter when fish find it difficult to digest rich, oily feed due to being less active. Fish or savoury versions work better in summer and autumn. Sweet flavours attract species like roach, bream and tench, while savoury can be a better bet for carp, barbel and chub. The size of the pellet you opt for is another deciding factor. Small pellets are good all-around attractors, but larger pellets are more likely to pull in bigger fish.

Fishing Particles

Adding particles to your groundbait mix makes it even more potent. Particles can make all the difference between success and failure in both match and general coarse angling. Particles change the texture of free food, and fish grind the harder bits, which underwater can be heard, attracting even more activity into your swim. Ready-prepared particles are a convenient and very effective bait option.

Some ready-made particles have favours already added to them to help attract fish. However, if you wish to make your particles from scratch, you can create unique bait recipes, adding different ingredients and flavours. Some particles require care when preparing, so ensure you follow the instructions, so they are safe for fish to digest. Hemp is the number one bait choice for many particle mixes, providing great texture, plus it’s very active in water due to its oily nature.

Fishing Bait Liquids & Fishing Additives

On, we have quick guides to many fishing liquids you can try with your angling. Additives give your baits a big boost. Liquid flavour attractants from Mainline Baits, Nash Bait and Sticky Baits help create winning formulas unique to you, giving an important edge whether you match or pleasure fish.

The wide range of liquid attractants created to glug your hook baits can be either sweet or fishmeal based. You can change the bait colour and its flavour or simply refresh what you are using with all sorts of interesting liquids.