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Coarse and match luggage has evolved greatly over the last few years. Main storage compartments and extra side pockets are now designed with specific purposes, getting important tackle better organised.

This applies to both match and coarse when looking at rod or pole holdalls. Compartments need to be of different sizes to suit different length products, along with various reel sizes when it comes to ready style holdalls. The latter house rods and reels fully rigged up and have transformed many angler’s ways of fishing. A rod can be brought into play quickly on the bank by tackling up at home before a trip, saving precious fishing time.

Holdalls have also changed to accommodate the many different sizes and shapes of larger tackle accessories, alongside fishing nets coarse and match anglers carry nowadays. There are also special waterproof nets or stink bags, which keep your vehicle dry and odour free when transporting wet keepnets and landing nets.

Match or coarse fishing luggage from prominent brands such as Matrix, Preston, Drennan and Shakespeare has advanced greatly, with much more variation on offer. Apart from major items like holdalls and carryalls, there are many smaller items of luggage like bait and cool bags, feeder and reel bags, and even special bags for metalware and catapults.

Anglers on the match circuit often use branded competition luggage, even complete sets from the same stable. Drennan's Team England brand has proved very popular, along with Matrix and Preston, who have their team luggage and matching fishing clothing. All this gear is extremely attractive, so even the general angling public sometimes buys into these products. Branded luggage to house angling equipment from the same company makes sense to many, providing an identity. Companies like Drennan, Shakespeare and Guru make statement fishing holdalls and carryalls for the coarse fishing market.

On, if you scroll through our products, you will find detailed information on match and coarse luggage with product descriptions. This will allow you to make an informed choice to find the perfect products and protect your important gear while in transit.

Luggage sets for coarse fishing have evolved, so everything has its place. has researched the field of fishing luggage for coarse and match anglers, highlighting the best manufacturers and their products.

The Right Rod Holdall

When selecting a match or general coarse fishing rod holdall, you must consider several things. First, these items differ from carp fishing because rods are slimmer and reels smaller. But having said that, many coarse anglers now like to carry several rods ready to be tackled. They might use two or three holdalls to do this, carrying other bulky gear like landing net handles, poles and metalware. Trolley and barrow systems help to cope with bigger loads like this, where luggage has grown in size to protect valuable items like poles and top-end rods from getting crushed.

You will find rod holdalls just the right size for match and coarse fishing to hold several made-up rods. This covers length, whether rods are two or three-piece, or aimed at feeder or float fishing. Having gear like this ready to use gets you fishing so much quicker. Match anglers who fish with a pole also like to have reserve made-up rods at the ready to avoid missing out if other opportunities need exploring. Match and coarse holdalls have evolved, with external pockets in many instances, designed for feeder's arms and various rod supports, umbrellas, and different length landing net handles.

Pole holdalls can now store not just the main pole but also all the accessories that come with it, such as spare top kits, a cupping kit and half butt extensions. There’s normally room in outside pockets for other essential products, like umbrellas and bank sticks. Most holdalls tend to be classed by how many protective rods or pole tubes they can house. The lowest number on a small general holdall might be 4 tubes, rising to 12 tubes for a jumbo-sized match style design.


Net bags are made from EVA and other waterproof fabrics for carrying and storing keepnets and landing nets. These waterproof bags keep your car dry and odour-free while in transit and are easy to wash when you get home. Of course, it’s a good idea to air all your nets properly in your garden, as sunlight kills any potentially harmful bacteria.

In coarse fishing, the use of keepnets hasn’t changed much in generations. However, thanks to match fishing, nets have become much more fish-friendly with their meshes. The latter has become finer and softer, even rubber-coated, to avoid both tackle and fins from snagging. In addition, landing and keep nets are stronger due to more demanding fishing styles and bigger catch expectations.

Another advantage of net bags is they allow you to get your nets to the water’s edge without damage. As a result, they have become an essential item of luggage. There are different sizes and shapes to choose from, allowing enough space to store single or multiple keepnets and various size landing net heads. Apart from keeping your car clean, net bags help protect your nets from rodent damage, especially if stored in a garage or garden shed. This avoids disappointment on that all-important next match or coarse fishing trip.

Choosing a Carryall

Carryalls can house a big amount of equipment, including feeder storage systems, pole rollers, numerous bait tubs, catapults and a flask. These bulky items won’t fit in a fishing seat box, so a carryall becomes the next best solution. Bulkier items are often essential, so they need to be well organised. Good holdalls these days feature a spacious main compartment and end and side pockets. Some also have internal pockets that are always useful for segregating anything that might be tangle-prone, such as catapults and umbrella guy ropes. It’s often better to take too much match or coarse gear to the bank rather than not enough. Most anglers in today's world will be using a trolley or barrow anyway, so it’s better to cover all eventualities rather than risking missing out on something that could make a good day even better.

Cool Bags and Ground Bait Bowls

To get the best out of your bait, it needs to be kept cool and out of sunlight, especially with live offerings like worms, maggots and casters. Even baits like dampened pellets, luncheon meat and groundbait perform better if kept at low temperatures. Match and coarse anglers also need mixing bowls for their groundbait and for preparing different feed and hooker pellet sizes.

Cool bags are typically manufactured with a reflective metallic foil lining to keep them cold when used with freezer packs. Apart from bait, some anglers use cool bags to store food and cold drinks, and some are even partitioned to keep items like this separate from fishing bait. Another option is to have one cool bag for bait and another for food and drink. Used correctly with a couple of decent size freezer packs, most cool bags can keep their contents well below outside temperatures for at least 24 hours.