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At, we have all the leading varieties of scales from popular suppliers like Fox, Guru, Korda, Chub and Reuben Heaton. Match and coarse anglers also need weighing accessories like slings, weigh nets and carp mats. In our online store, we stock all these items.

Dial scales and digital fishing scales allow you to calculate the weight of your catch or special individual fish. Coarse anglers are always interested in their catch total at the end of the day; it’s a good talking point to share with their friends.

Coarse and Match fishing scales are a must-have if you want to record the precise results of your fishing trips. We stock Avon and dial scales alongside digital models. Both categories can deal with big fish like carp or silverfish hauls - on those red-letter days when you have filled your keepnet. Moreover, scale prices are relatively low for such an important accessory. One thing is for sure: we have all the possible products you need at the right price.