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The Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Floats


Float fishing is an art, a timeless technique that has evolved over the years, adapting to the diverse needs of anglers. From the tranquil banks of British rivers to the bustling commercial carp pools, the right float can make all the difference. This guide delves deep into the world of fishing floats, exploring their types, applications, and the renowned brands that have shaped the industry. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, understanding the nuances of each float can elevate your fishing experience.

Understanding Match & Coarse Fishing Floats Match and coarse fishing floats are distinct from those used by carp anglers. While carp anglers often opt for specialised floats tailored for larger fish, match and coarse anglers require a variety of floats depending on the venue, target species, and conditions. From traditional Avons to the latest pellet wagglers, the range is vast and diverse. Brands like Drennan, Middy, Guru, Preston, and Matrix are at the forefront, offering innovative designs that cater to the unique challenges of British angling.

Choosing the Right Float for River Fishing River fishing is a test of an angler's skill and adaptability. The flowing waters demand specific float types:

  1. Dave Harrell No1 Insert Stick: Traditional design ideal for depths between 4ft to 14ft.
  2. Preston Chianti: Slim foam-bodied pole float perfect for strung-out rigs.
  3. Middy Speci Wags: Balsa wagglers designed for chub and barbel.
  4. Daiwa Agata: A versatile pole float with a rounded body.

The Legacy of Premier Floats For over 40 years, Premier Floats has been a beacon of British craftsmanship in the angling world. From wagglers to pike bobs, their diverse range caters to every angler's need. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every float they produce.

Deciphering Float Designs Every float is meticulously crafted for a specific purpose:

  • Wagglers: Ideal for lakes or rivers, attached bottom end only.
  • Stick Floats: Perfect for trotting a bait on running water.
  • Avons: Suited for fast, shallow waters.
  • Chubbers: Designed for shallow, pacy rivers.

Spotlight on Leading Brands With the rise of specialized fishing techniques, brands like Guru, Preston, Drennan, and Matrix have stepped up, offering a range of floats tailored for specific conditions. Whether it's the sensitivity of Guru's Pinger Carbon Stem Pole Float or the versatility of Drennan's Crystal Wagglers, these brands ensure that anglers are equipped with the best. Matrix's commitment to innovation is evident in their Finesse Pellet Waggler, a float that promises precision and performance. As the world of fishing evolves, these brands continue to set the benchmark, ensuring that every cast is a story worth telling.


  • What do the numbers on a fishing float mean? The numbers often represent the float's weight or shotting capacity, helping anglers balance their setup.

  • How do I choose a fishing float? Consider the fishing venue, target species, and conditions. Each float type is designed for specific scenarios.

  • What are the different types of fishing floats? From wagglers and stick floats to Avons and chubbers, the variety is vast.

  • Who makes the best fishing floats? Brands like Drennan, Middy, Guru, Preston, and Matrix are renowned for their quality and innovation.


The world of fishing floats is as vast as the waters we fish in. Each float, with its unique design and purpose, tells a story of angling evolution. Whether you're trotting on a serene river or casting into a bustling commercial pool, the right float can enhance your experience. As the angling industry continues to evolve, so will the designs and technologies behind these essential tools. But one thing remains constant: the joy of watching a float dip, signaling the dance between angler and fish. Embrace the art of float fishing, and let every cast tell a story.