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Pole supports used by pleasure and match anglers have evolved over the years. Pole rollers have improved dramatically, being far more stable and offering much better height adjustment. They split into two main categories, flatbed designs and “V” shaped tripod models. It boils down to personal preference, which types you end up using. Many dedicated pole anglers now use a pair of rollers to keep all their unshipped pole sections off the ground. This avoids unnecessary damage and makes shipping a lot easier.

Another more recent development has been pole socks, which act like a spare hand, clamping to a front seat box leg. Pole socks stop unshipped sections from blowing about or wanting to slide forward into the water, leaving your hands free to unhook fish or rebait. We have many products like this that are suitable for positioning and holding your pole, keeping everything well organised during match or pleasure fishing.

We have done all the work required, researching all the best supports for poles. At just the click of a button, all the best pole fishing rollers, rests and supports will appear. has products right across the various popular coarse and match fishing brands. With the fabulous choice of pole rollers, rests, and pole socks on the market, you are bound to find a product that suits your needs on our website.

Pole rollers come in various qualities and price points. If you own a decent, expensive pole, you don’t want to damage it while fishing. At, the choice of fishing pole supports is vast, so please look at the descriptions on this website. If you are new to fishing or an expert, we have a pole support system for you.

We stock the leading coarse and match brands Matrix, Guru and Maver. Daiwa is also strong in the area of pole accessories.