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Predator & Pike Sleeping Bags

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Predator Sleeping Bags

Becoming freezing when angling for preditors is no fun, particularly at night. You will require a predator sleeping bag and pillow on the coldest of nights,

You normally have time to nap on your bedchair when waiting long periods for pike or catfish. Sleeping out in the open is not always easy, but sleeping bags have increased in the last few years. A critical aspect is to wear layered clothes to keep the heat in when it's very cold.

With lots of free time at night, staying warm in a sleeping bag while waiting for a take is best. But, even if you do not have a snooze, being comfortable in your bivvy allows you to watch TV on your phone or iPad during the long and bitterly cold winter months.

New sleeping bag technologies mean they are warmer than ever before but remember, you can lose most of your body heat through your head, so it's still advisable to wear a beanie. In addition, today's sleeping bags made for angling use synthetic fillings, which are more durable than natural fibres and goose down. Another advantage is this results in much lighter products, which are easier to move around with the rest of your kit.

Fishing Pillows

Using a pillow and a sleeping bag greatly adds to the comfort factor. Pillows complimenting your your bedchair system make all the difference regarding having a good night's sleep while out on the bank.

Over the last few years, a new aspect has seen pillow sections built into better quality fishing bedchairs and cushioned lumbar supports. However, anglers do like to take a pillow, with most designs supplied Velcro to connect them to a bedchair.

Season Ratings for Sleeping Bags

When picking a sleeping bag for fishing, anglers need to think which months are likely to be most active. Bags have season ratings from 1 to 5. Most predator anglers are active through the winter, so they will need a minimum 4-season bag to cope when temperatures fall to zero or below. Sleeping out in the cold with anything less than this is dangerous. The best bags for freezing weather have 5 season ratings.

If you are fishing in early spring and through the summer months when it's warmer, you will only need a two-season bag until late August or September. Of course, this might change based on extreme weather conditions, although it's a good benchmark as a rule of thumb.

Another advantage to looking for when selecting a sleeping bag for fishing is that it features quick zips. These allow you to exit your bed quickly if a run signals on your bite alarm. Most lower-price bags don't have this facility, which is well worth considering if you don't want to miss a possible personal best fish due to being stuck in a sleeping bag! Manufactures such as Nash and Fox produce sleeping bags with quick zips built-in.