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Specialist Carp Nets & Handles

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Specialist anglers need a specific landing net to lift big fish from the water onto a waiting unhooking mat. Typically, it will be a large net targeting carp or barbel, with a fine mesh less likely to snag or damage fish. With strong but lightweight carbon arms, triangular shapes are popular with specialist big fish anglers.

Landing Net Heads

Different types of landing net mesh have various weaves, with hex mesh being considered the best not to damage fins and scales when fish thrash inside. This mesh performs best when wetted before use, making it softer and less harsh on fish. The shape of the net at its base is important to allow the catch to lay flat. Normally the mesh at the base is finer to be kinder on fish and stop rigs from falling through it, which would otherwise cause awkward tangles. The idea behind many large triangular landing net designs is to disconnect the arms from the handle and bring them together after landing the fish. This allows excess netting to be wrapped around the arms, removing any slack, so the net and fish can be lifted more easily out of the water onto an unhooking mat. Popular big fish triangular net sizes are 42 inches up to 50 inches.

Landing Net Handles

Landing net handles need to be stiff and strong. Carbon or composite mixtures are the best materials to keep everything lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Specialist anglers normally use 2m handles, as opposed to coarse and match categories where longer 3m to 4m take-apart carbon handles are very popular.

Spreader Blocks

Spreader blocks are generally made from stainless steel or ABS plastic, holding the net arms in place, featuring universal screw attachment to fit different handle lengths and types. The spreader maintains a triangular shape and needs to be super strong.