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Aqua Products Baiting Pole 12M

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The Atom® 12m Baiting Pole is the most compact baiting pole available. Due to its telescopic design, it is easier to use than a conventional 'put-together' baiting pole and eliminates the risk of damaging sections when laid out on the floor. The telescopic sections feed out from the front, allowing you to place a rig and bait up with pinpoint accuracy and stealth from even the tightest areas. When shipping back, the machined aluminium screw end cap is lined with foam for protection and silent operation. The 3/8 BSF thread is compatible with the Cygnet Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float. The pack-down size is a mere 90cm so that it can fit inside rod holdalls and quivers. The Atom® Baiting Pole Protection Tube is available for ultimate protection in storage and transportation. The most compact 12m baiting pole available Telescopic matt carbon composite sections Much easier to use than take apart baiting poles, ideal for tight swims and where space is unavailable behind Allows accurate placement of rigs and bait into normally unreachable areas Machined aluminium screw-on end cap with internal cushion to protect sections when shipping back. 3/8 BSF thread end for use with baiting spoons and other accessories Compatible with Cygnet Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float Atom® Baiting Pole Protection Tube available for added protection Supplied in cloth bag Dimensions: Packed length 90cm.

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