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Aqua Products Camo Fast and Light Brolly Wrap V2

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Key Features:

  • Space-saving frame.
  • 9th rib system.
  • Extended storm-sides.
  • Machined, aluminium bell cap with tie-down ring.
  • Rod retaining straps.
  • Complete with Aqua Peg Set.
  • Comes complete with a lightweight Aqua storage sleeve.

Equivalent to our original, best-selling Fast and Light Brolly, the DPM camo variant houses the same functionalities with a contemporary twist thrown into the mix.

The light and compact design allows for easy fitting in quiver systems, saving additional space when used with a barrow.

Additionally, the 9th rib, coupled with our 55” framed brolly, gives the mobile angler an increased level of coverage. This allows for an unhindered view of the surrounding wilderness.

Compatible with the Aqua Camo Fast & Light Wrap, this shelter requires additional Quicksticks that can be purchased separately, with 24” and 48” variants available, depending on your desired stability.

Popular amongst the modern-day, discerning carp angler, disruptive pattern material, better known as DPM, is a camouflage design adopted from the British Armed Forces.

As angling is predominantly carried out within a woodland environment, it seemed appropriate to introduce an array of storage solutions that play into the surroundings, coming from our DPM Luggage Range.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Performance grade Aquatexx® in DPM camo
  • Weight: 5.2kg - an additional 1.6kg with sleeves and pegs


  • 1350mm (H) x 2480mm (W) x 1850mm (D)
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