Avid Benchmark Lite Memory Foam Sleep System

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Product Attributes

  • Includes twin layer sleeping bag with a 4-season rating
  • The sleeping system can be taken off
  • Choice of using just a cover
  • Full protection in winter with a complete system
  • Deals with almost any weather situation
  • Lumbar support system
  • Foam mattress
  • Built-in throw hinges
  • The sleeping bag can be packed away with the bedchair
  • Bedchair hinges provide a completely flat surface
  • Security strap holds bedchair together
  • Open Dimensions: H 40-50cm W 85cm L 210cm
  • Packdownsize: H 35cm x W 85cm x D 100cm
  • Total Weight: 14kg

Carp Benchmark Memory Foam Sleep System has been designed to be the ultimate product for anglers that want a bedchair setup for sleeping out on the bank in all weathers. Every last detail has been considered.

This sleep system incorporates asuperbly comfortable mattress alongside a 4-season rated sleeping bag. The latter allows the angler to remove sections to increase or decrease the warmth factor based on the time of year. This gives options of a light cover or total protection from the elements.

This product has been designed to be carried on a barrow, and with its 3-leg arrangement, the bedchair can be made level no matter what the terrain is like - to ensure a good night’s sleep!

Throwback hinges allow you to pack the bedchair with the sleeping bag inside, making it a simple task to set up and store away.

The package is 14kg in weight and is ideal for anglers who want to feel at home on the bank. Once set up, you will experience perfect comfort while waiting for your next big carp.

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