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Avid Distortion Onesie

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The stylish Avid Distortion Onesie at first glance looks like a standard Hoodie and Joggers but is actually an All-In-One suit. The design incorporates a connective band of fabric between the hooded section and joggers to create one single garment. This completely eliminates the usual gaps at the lower back that create uncomfortable drafts when fishing, particularly in the cold of the winter months, while maintaining maximum comfort and the appearance of 2 separate garments. The Onesie is the ideal warm layer to wear underneath waterproofs and is equally great to wear in warmer conditions when waterproofs are not required, whilst also supremely comfortable to sleep in. *One garment with the appearance of normal Hoodie and Joggers *Distortion Camo hooded top *Stylish understated black joggers *Comfortable and practical *Great for year-round use *Eliminates drafts and gaps around the lower back *Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
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