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Avid Extremity Marker Braid 25lb 300m

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Discover the Avid Extremity Marker Braid 25lb 300m

The Avid Extremity Marker Braid is a top-choice for anglers who require precision and reliability in feature finding. This braid is specially designed to offer superior performance with its low diameter and high knot strength, making it perfect for various carp fishing scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Low Diameter: Ensures minimal resistance and improved casting accuracy.
  • High Knot Strength: Provides reliable performance, ensuring that the braid holds up under strain.
  • Anti-Tangle Properties: Facilitates smooth handling, reducing the chances of tangles.
  • Outline Camo Colour: Blends seamlessly with the environment, enhancing stealth.
  • Black Lined Marks: Marked every foot (12 inches/30 cm) for precise measurement and feature marking.

Product Description: The Avid Extremity Marker Braid is crafted to deliver exceptional durability and performance. Finished in an Outline camo color, it is ideal for feature finding, helping anglers to mark specific spots accurately. The braid’s low diameter reduces drag, allowing for longer and more precise casts. Additionally, the anti-tangle properties ensure a hassle-free experience, making it a reliable choice for any angler.

Practical Applications:

  • Versatility: Suitable for various fishing environments and particularly effective for feature finding.
  • Durability: Maintains integrity through repeated use, providing long-lasting performance.


  • What is the breaking strain of the braid? The Avid Extremity Marker Braid has a breaking strain of 25lb.
  • How is the braid marked? The braid features black lines every foot (12 inches/30 cm) to aid in precise measurement.

Summary: The Avid Extremity Marker Braid 25lb 300m is essential for serious anglers looking for a reliable, high-performance braid for feature finding. Its innovative design and robust construction make it a top choice for precision and durability.

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