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Berkley Connect CM90 Line Weed Green

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CM90 is a high grade line designed specifically with the modern carp angler in mind. It has high abrasion resistance, added density to increase sink rate and a supple, smooth profile to maximise long distance casting. The CM90 is part of a specific range of fishing line built by Berkley's development team to meet the exacting specifications of Berkley Pro anglers. Dark green in colour, Berkley has designed this mono to blend into weedy waters. With the added density to allow the line to hug the contours of the lake bed whilst slack line fishing or to take advantage of the increased sink rate with a tight or semi-slack line, the chances of spooking a fish have now been greatly reduced. The anti-twist attributes in CM90 will reduce wind knots, tangles and allow you to cast with confidence and reduce disturbance in the swim. This great carp mono offers super strong properties and fantastic casting ability, showcasing high abrasion resistance and great manageability properties.
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