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Fox Aquos Freezer Packs

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Fox Aquos Freezer Packs

Key Features:

  • Pair of Ice Packs: Ideal for use inside cool bags during sessions.
  • Fox Camo Design: Features a stylish Fox branded camo moulding.
  • Non-Toxic Liquid: Contains non-toxic aqueous liquid for safety.
  • Tough Exterior: Made with durable polypropylene exterior.
  • Heat Sealed Cap: Ensures a secure and leak-proof seal.

Technical Specifications:

  • Price: £6.99
  • SKU: 018-006-947-001
  • Material: Polypropylene with non-toxic aqueous liquid
  • Pack Quantity: 2 packs

Practical Benefits and Versatile Applications

The Fox Aquos Freezer Packs are designed to keep your items cool and fresh during fishing sessions, providing a practical solution for temperature control.

Enhanced Organisation and Accessibility:

  • Compact Design: Easily fits into cool bags for convenient use.

Durability and Weather Resistance:

  • Robust Construction: Made from tough polypropylene, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

Ease of Transport:

  • Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for outdoor activities.

Versatile Storage Solution:

  • Multi-Use Functionality: Suitable for keeping food, drinks, and bait cool during fishing trips.

Ideal for Travelling:

  • Compact Size: Easily fits into bags and coolers, ensuring you have cold packs on the go.

Adaptable for All Skill Levels:

  • User-Friendly: Simple design makes it easy to use for both novice and experienced anglers.

FAQs and Summary of Fox Aquos Freezer Packs


  • What is the price of the Fox Aquos Freezer Packs?
    • £6.99
  • What materials are used in the Fox Aquos Freezer Packs?
    • Made from polypropylene with non-toxic aqueous liquid.
  • How many packs are included in the Fox Aquos Freezer Packs?
    • The package includes 2 packs.
  • What unique features do the Fox Aquos Freezer Packs have?
    • Camo design, non-toxic liquid, tough exterior, and heat sealed cap.


Efficient and Durable: The Fox Aquos Freezer Packs offer high-quality materials and robust construction, perfect for keeping items cool.

Convenient and Portable: Lightweight and compact, easy to transport and store, making it an essential addition to any fishing gear.

User-Friendly: Suitable for all skill levels, providing a practical solution for maintaining cool temperatures during fishing trips.

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