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At, the Carp Bait Accessories area is a critical part of carp angling. We have an array of baiting accessories, from bait equipment to base mixes. So if you are after a new baiting pole system, we can help you keep your hands clean.

Buckets for fishing can be bought in many sizes, from 2.5L going all way up to 18L fishing buckets. Your choice is endless, and bait buckets for a variety of uses - from base mixes to storing your latest carp tackle – the benefits are endless!

At, we supply carp bait buckets of all shapes and sizes. Models included are traditionally rounded or circular. These are ideal for holding and preparing bait. Fishing buckets can also be used for fish care, splashing water directly onto Carp or other species, making them multi-purpose.

Square, collapsible buckets or oblong fishing buckets are ideal, as they fit easily in your car or carp barrow. However, square buckets have storing issues, although they are perfect to use as a baiting table or rig tying on the bank. Collapsible fishing buckets have become necessary for holding water and mixing your particles and bait mixes over the last few years.

Buckets that assist with baiting methods have also become popular to hold your bait before you arrive on the fishing bank. These are called "Bagging Buckets". PVA bags can be kept detached from your other bait. Riddles help further break down bait, making your buckets more versatile.

The ever-so-useable fishing bait riddles are built into carp buckets. As a result, holding and preparing bait correctly has become a necessity in fishing. Bait riddles can be purchased separately and used for many tasks, such as ground bait, maggots, casters - and more!

Live bait is often used to catch Carp. Maggots are among the best baits used by carp fishermen and must be kept in perfect condition so they do not turn to casters. Fishing riddles allow the bait to be filtered, with the best maggots passing through the riddle and dropping into the bucket. Casters and inactive maggots are left in the riddle giving the angler a choice of how these can be used in their angling.